Best PvP Class Build In Diablo Immortal

Find the best PvP Build for your class in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play MMORPG designed for mobile devices. The game has six classes and players can choose whichever they like best to proceed with the game. Each class has its own strengths and weakness. Today, we will look at the best PvP build for each class in Diablo Immortal.

The Best PvP Class Build For Diablo Immortal


There are six classes in Diablo Immortal. These are the Barbarian, Crusader, Monk, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, and Wizard classes. Let us take a look at the best PvP build for each of these classes in the game.

Best Barbarian Class PvP Build


Players using the Barbarian Class in PvP will want to focus on Frenzy, Cleave, Chained Spear, Sprint, and Undying Rage. This is the best possible combination for this class.

Sprint gives the character a speed booth as well as cancels selected stun effects for a small duration. In addition, Cleave can take up the damage dealt with a bleed effect that drains opponents over time.

Best Crusader Class PvP Build


Best Crusader Class PvP Build for Diablo Immortal would include Punish, Conjuration of Light, Holy Banner, Spinning Shield, and Draw and Quarter. Punish can give out huge damage to opponents. While this would be enough to get it though in the best PvP build, it also gives the character a Hardened Senses buff. This can increase the chances of a Block for two seconds.

Meanwhile, the Draw and Quarter is a visually impressive second skill that can increase the speed by 60% and lasts for about 5 seconds. Players can use the Conjuration of Light to grant damage immunity to their character and allies for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, players can hike up the damage with Holy Banner that gives allies 100% Critical Hit increase for 11.2 seconds.

Finally, the Spinning Shield pulls enemies closer and gives out additional damage.

Best Monk Class PvP Build


This PvP Class build will rely more on stealth and speed rather than brute force. Players should focus on Fists of Thunder, Imprisoned Fist, Seven-Sided Strike, Shield of Zen, and Exploding Palm for this class build. The Shield of Zen can protect the character and their allies by absorbing damage for 5 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Imprisoned Fist gives a great stun ability to knock out opponents.

Best Demon Hunter Class PvP Build


Demon Hunter isn’t the best class for beginners. It requires a little experience with the game to perform to its maximum potential. However, experienced players can fast track their game progress with Crossbow Shot, Knife Trap, Rain of Vengeance, Multishot, and Daring Swing.

Rain of Vengeance and Multishot are great for slowing down opponents. Players looking to catch heir opponents unaware will do well with the Knife Trap.

Best Necromancer Class PvP Build


Mucch like the Demon Hunter, the Necromancer also requires some experience with the game before it can be used properly. It is not a recommended class for beginners. Experienced players will do well by focusing on Bone Spear, Bone Armor, Bone Wall, Bone Spikes, and Wraith Form for this PvP Class Build in Diablo Immortal.

Best Wizard Class PvP Build


The Wizard class is not the strongest in PvP play but players can use it as a buzzard unit. Players can slowly chip away at the opponent with the help of this class while keeping out of harms way. To make the best use of this class, players should keep their focus on Magic Missle, Scorch, Lightning Nova, Ice Armor, and Teleport.

That is everything players need to know about the best PvP Class Build in Diablo Immortal. For more information on all the classes in the game, check out Diablo Immortal Classes Guide: All Classes Revealed So Far