Psychonauts 2: All Queepie Locations & Unlock The Dance Baby Dance Achievement

Playing Psychonauts 2 and want to complete the optional mission to find Queepie? Here are all the Queepie locations for you along with how to start the mission!

Psychonauts 2 was finally released on 25th August 2021 after the first game being out since 2005. We are super thrilled to be playing this game and following Razputin on this journey! Psychonauts 2 story is mainly focused on Razputin who is a 10 year old psychic and can jump inside people’s minds.

It follows the story of Raz joining the Psychonauts headquarters to be an agent but instead becomes an intern. The game has loads of achievements to unlock, mysteries to solve & jungle gyms to cross.

How to Start the Find Queepie Mission In Psychonauts 2?

To start finding Queepie – Raz’s Little brother, head over to the Questionable Area. Now go to the Aquato campsite to start a story. All you need to do is talk to Donatella (Raz’s Mother).

On starting a conversation with Donatella, it should give you an option to ask her if she needs any help. This will unlock the mission.

Queepie wants a place to dance in private with his radio. To complete this mission, you need to find Queepie 6 times. Luckily, the whole mission is in the Questionable Area so you won’t have to move to different parts of the map.

Here Are All Queepie Locations In Psychonauts 2

Location 1

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations

One of the easiest places to find Queepie is this. Just head over to the horseshoes game outside Aquato camp and you’ll see him. On interacting with him, he will run and hide in the second location.

Location 2

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations

You will see a cave right next to the Aquato campground. This cave is also home to a Yeti called Sassyclops. You’ll have to go into the cave and reach the very end to spot Queepie dancing on the edge.

Location 3

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations

Just after Queepie runs away from the 2nd Location, turn to your left and you will see the pathway to get to the third location. This route however has a lot of parkour as Queepie is hiding in treetops. You will see a sign that says Rebel Roundabout, climb the vines of the tree next to it and on the very top, you’ll spot Queepie dancing. [Tip – You will start hearing radio music when you’re close to Queepie]

Location 4

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations

For this location, you will have to travel a little further away from the campgrounds. From the 3rd location, start heading towards the Falls, and then on the left-hand side, you’ll see the tree with a ladder. Jump on top of the restrooms and use the ladder there to climb up to the trees. Queepie is just dancing on the treetop that overlooks the Funicular, climb on top to find him.

Location 5

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations

Head back down to the ground to find Queepie for the 5th time. Simply walk your way to the Lumberstack Diner and jump on top of its roof. Queepie is just dancing right there!

Location 6

Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations

For this last location, you need to head back to the Cave of Sassyclops. Make your way on top of the cave by using the rocks on the left. You’ll start hearing the music when you reach close.

Interacting with Queepie on the 6th location will unlock the ‘Dance, Baby, Dance’ achievement for you!

We’ll keep you updated on any more achievements that you can get! Meanwhile, enjoy playing Psychonauts 2!