Popcat Game: What Is It & How To Play?

Popcat is a simple clicker game that has hooked players worldwide

The Internet truly is a bizarre and interesting place. There is no telling what the next viral sensation might be. Such is the case with the Popcat game which blew up in a major way last year. Countries from all over the world are still participating in the game to claim the number one spot in the world. So, what is the Popcat game and how do you play it? Well, that is exactly what we will answer in this article today.

What Is The Popcat Game?



The game is the brainchild of a meme that went viral when an image featuring a cat named Oatmeal made its way to Twitter. The viral meme caught the attention of three students that created this game as a joke in December 2020. It simply featured the original image of the cat followed by an edited version of the cat with its mouth wide open. This created an animation-type effect that amused meme lovers all over the world.

Since then, Popcat has got its own website where players can enjoy the simple clicker game. Players simply need to click on the cat’s mouth once to score a point. The more players click, the more points they get. However,  it is not just a personal score. Players clicking and playing in Popcat actually represent their country. They can even check where their country stands in the worldwide leaderboard presented below the game. It is updated in real-time so players can see the live leaderboard as it fluctuates. When players click the cat, they receive a point that will be added to their country’s score immediately. In fact, the internet community around the world took to the game so whole-heartedly that it was dubbed as the Catlympics. Are you still wondering how to play Popcat? Do you want to be a part of the worldwide Catlympics? Then you should continue reading.


How To Play The Popcat Game?

As we explained above, Popcat is a pretty simple clicker game. All players need to do to participate is visit the official site at popcat.click. Here, they will see a giant version of Oatmeal the cat. Players can just start clicking on the cat’s mouth to earn points. Each time players click, the cat will open its mouth and also make a popping sound. The more clicks a player finishes, the higher their country’s score will be. Below is a screenshot detailing the Popclicks above the cat’s head and the country’s score in the tab below. In addition, players can also see the country currently acing the Popcat game right now.



This game can be played on web browsers, mobile devices, as well as tablets. PC players can also earn points by clicking the keyboard buttons. A lot of players also use auto-clickers to get ahead in the game since there are no rules against them. However, it is most fun when players stay honest and try to up the score manually.

Popcat Game Leaderboard

Right now, Hong Kong is crushing the leaderboard with the most clicks in the world. The country has over 1 trillion clicks at the moment. Former champions Thailand and Taiwan are close behind at second and third place respectively. India currently has the 79th spot on the list. The game has over five trillion clicks worldwide at the moment. If you’d like to improve your countries ranking, head over to the official website and get clicking. Who knows? A new Catlympics champion might emerge out of the left field.



This is everything players need to know about the Popcat game and how to play it. For more gaming content, check out Games Adda’s Esports section.