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What is pool rummy and How to play 201 pool rummy game – Complete Guide

Here's everything you need to know about 201 Pool Rummy.

Rummy is the third most played game in the world. The famous card game which originated in the 1930s has gained huge popularity in India. So much so that the country has created its own versions of the game. Almost 30 variants to Rummy in India are called Indian Rummy. The Supreme Court of India has also made it legal in the country.

What is Pool Rummy?

One of the many variants of the 13 card Indian rummy is named as Pool Rummy. Players pay a fixed entry fee which forms the prize pool. It is slightly different from 101 Pool Rummy game. The game is played among 2 to 4 players and is an interesting format in Rummy. Players are required to continuously play for few rounds until one of them has gathered 101 ore more points.

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Whichever player accumulates a total of 201 points in every round gets eliminated from the game. Pool Rummy runs on the last man standing basis. The player that ends or finishes last is declared as the winner. Winner of every deal gets 0 points and the rest accumulated points are added to their score. Interestingly, players can drop and continue in any round they like.

How to play 201 Pool Rummy Game?

The game is fairly simple and solely rests on a player’s smartness on getting it right. The objective of the Indian variant Rummy game is to score the least points in order to continue playing further rounds. A player is required to stay on till the end without reaching 101 points or above.  Any player that scores 101 points or above gets eliminated in each round and the player with the least points is declared the winner. Exciting, isn’t it?

adda52 offers a split option in 201 pool rummy game for its players. It gives two players an option to split which means both the users will win the Entry fee – rake.

Rules for 201 Pool Rummy

  • The game is played among 2 to 4 players
  • Every player is dealt with a set of 13 cards
  • A player accumulating the highest score will get eliminated
  • The player with the least score in the game is declared the winner at the end of all rounds
  • An entry fee is charged by every player and won by the winner at the end of all rounds (after deducting the rake)
  • Users can also opt for a split in the game
  • 201 pool rummy does not offer multiplier option in the game
  • The game only begins when all said players are available and present on the table
  • Players can choose to sit out while their cards will continue to play (feature available in 101 pool rummy at adda52 rummy)
  • Players who opt to drop in 101 pool rummy games will be charged with a penalty
  • The initial drop of 25 points
  • The middle drop of 50 points
  • The wrong declaration of 80 points
  • The maximum count/deal/show in pool 201 rummy game will be 80 points
  • A player who makes valid sequences will lose 0 points.
  • Any Player who makes invalid sequence or set will lose points based on cards he dealt
  • There is no rebuy option in 201 pool rummy game at adda52 rummy
  • The player who remains till last round of the game is declared as the winner and wins the prize
  • money as mentioned above

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