BTS Island In the SEOM – Best Tips, Tricks & Strategies (2022)

Want to know some Tips and Tricks to play BTS Island: In the SEOM? Read through this guide.

BTS Island In the SEOM is a puzzle game where you have to clear the levels in order to progress in the game. In order to clear the levels faster, there are some tricks that you can use. In this guide, we have provided some of the tips and tricks for you to play BTS Island In the SEOM.

There are certain things you should know about before we start with the tips and tricks of the game. You can create certain power-ups too. Using the power-ups, you can achieve your target before your moves run out. The puzzle needs to be solved within the given moves or else you will lose that level. Let’s look into some of the tips you could use while playing BTS Island In the SEOM.

What are the Tips & Tricks to Play BTS Island In the SEOM?

Tips and Tricks in BTS Island

Here you can find some of the tips and tricks to play BTS Island In the SEOM. Go through the below list.

  • Create Power-Ups
  • Keep an Eye on the Bomb Gauge
  • Use Mulitple Power-Ups at a time

Create Power Ups

As mentioned earlier, power-ups are quite valuable in this game. Power-ups are nothing but a bonus element in the game that can be obtained by combining more than 3 similar blocks. There are several power-ups such as Bomb, Rocket, Top, and Blast. Each power-up can clear multiple blocks at a time which ultimately helps you to accomplish your goals in the limited moves.

The Bomb Gauge

The bomb gauge is a feature in the game which needs to be activated before use. In order to unlock the bomb gauge, you need to use 10 power-ups. You can clear a good chunk of blocks once you unlock the bomb gauge. This strategy of BTS Island In the SEOM can do wonders and helps you save your moves and clear the levels faster.

Use Multiple Power Ups

This is one of the best tricks you can use to clear the levels. You can combine two power-ups and their power will multiply and clear most of the blocks. You can use combinations like

  • Blast + Top
  • Rocket +Blast
  • Blast + Blast
  • Top + Rocket
  • Double Top

These are some of the tips and tricks to play BTS Island: In the SEOM. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out How to Play BTS Island In the SEOM on PC?