Pikmin Bloom: How To Send Your Pikmin On Expedition?

Expeditions can help you get items in Pikmin Bloom. Here's how to send your Pikmins on Expeditions and items you can get on expeditions.

Niantic has taken the location-based outdoor game formulae and combined it with the Pikmin franchise to come up with Pikmin Bloom. The location is very similar to features and interface like Pokemon Go but features tons of Pikmin. Pikmin Bloom has some unique features as well, like the Pikmin expedition feature. Let’s see how to send your Pikmin on an expedition in Pikmin Bloom.

How To Send Your Pikmin On Expedition in Pikmin Bloom?

Players can now send their Pikmins to pick up stuff and check on the flowers nearby without physically walking to that place. The Expedition feature in Pikmin Bloom adds a layer to the game as it increases the player’s accessibility to more locations. Follow the below-mentioned steps to send your Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom.

  • Launch Pikmin Bloom and open the “main menu.”
  • Click on the “steps” button at the top of your screen, and a menu will open.
  • Scroll down and click on the “expeditions” button.
  • Scroll through the various available expeditions and then select the one you want to send your Pikmin on.
  • Now select the Pikmin you want to send on that specific expedition.

After you have selected the Pikmin, you will see them going in groups on their way to complete the Expedition. Players can either sit and watch the Pikmins complete the expedition or switch off the app it won’t make a difference. The Expedition is an excellent way to get extra XP points and some free items as well. Pikmins usually bring Fruits and Seedlings from expeditions, these can be used to make nectar or grow a new plantling. Players should keep in mind that Pikmins get tired after the expedition and will need some time to replenish. New Expeditions are added regularly, so we would advise players to check the expeditions tab regularly.

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