How To Fix PGSharp Not Working Issue In 2022?

Here are multiple ways to fix PGSharp not working problem in 2022.

PGSharp is a massively popular tool among Pokemon Go players. There are tons of players across the world who use this tool to spoof their locations while playing Pokemon Go but many are having trouble getting used to it. A lot of fans have recently been complaining that the PGSharp application is not working for them and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

Before we explain how to fix PGSharp not working in 2022, let me tell you that Pokemon Go is a location-based Augmented Reality game, forcing players to step out of their homes and catch Pokemons located in their vicinity. Not all players are equally energetic and leave their comfort zone to capture their surrounding Pokemons and if you fall into those categories then PGSharp is a blessing for you.

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Yes, with help of PGSharp, PoGo players can capture Pokemons without stepping out of their beds and homes. If you have just downloaded PGSharp and it is not working for you then you must read this post till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Fix PGSharp Not Working Issue In 2022?

To fix PGSharp not working issue, follow the steps written below:

Check PGSharp Server Status

First, visit the official Twitter handle of PGSharp and check if the servers of the application are up or down. If the servers of PGSharp are not down then you will have to jump to the next step.

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Clear Cache

  • Go to your phone’s Settings>>Apps>>Manage Apps>> PGSharp. This step could be different for each device.
  • Once found, tap on it and then clear the App’s Cache.
  • Once cleared, launch the PGSharp and see if the error remains.

Uninstall & Reinstall PGSharp

If you continue to encounter issues using PGSharp then uninstall and reinstall it. Sometimes, reinstalling fixes PGSharp not working issue. Once you have successfully uninstalled and reinstalled it, launch PGSharp and check if the error still persists.


There are chances that PGSharp might be not working due to your IP location and if that’s the case then I advise you to use VPN or change your location before launching the app. Once you have successfully changed your location, launch PGSharp and see if it is working.

These are a bunch of ways that can be used to fix the PGSharp not working problem in 2022. As soon as we come across more fixes, we will update this post.