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Perfect World Revolution Redeem Codes (November 2022)

Want to know the redeem codes of Perfect World Revolution? Check this guide out.

Perfect World Revolution is an MMORPG game in portrait format. Just like other games, you can claim free bonus rewards by redeeming the gift codes provided by the developers. These codes are loaded with exciting rewards that play a role in improving your gameplay. You can receive a wide range of rewards through which you can resume the upgrades or get some skins or weapons.

You will find the latest Perfect World Revolution codes in the guide below. Along with that, you will also find the steps through which you can redeem the codes and claim certain rewards in the game. Read along with this guide to know more.

What are the Perfect Revolution Gift Codes?

Perfect World Revolution codes

You will find the Perfect Revolution codes mentioned in the list below. Remember that these codes have a certain time limit before expiring. Once expired, these codes are mere combinations of words that hold no rewards. So, you have to use these codes before the time runs out.

Also, if you wish to stay updated about the latest codes, you can bookmark this website. Because we keep updating the articles according to the new updates posted by the developers. Also, you can check out the official social media handles of the game for updates. As the developers share the details over these accounts. The Perfect World Revolution codes are as follows:

  • SQYS2U6P1 – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • PWRJOHAN – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • PWRMyrtle4 – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • PWR1HAND – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • PLAYPWR – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • CELEBRATE – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • PWRNOW – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • PWRFOREVER – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards
  • REVOLUTION – Redeem this code to claim bonus rewards

Now that you have got the codes, you might as well want to know how to redeem them in order to get the rewards.

How to Redeem codes?

While redeeming the Perfect World Revolution codes, you should keep two things in mind. One is that you must enter the code exactly as it is mentioned, or else you won’t be rewarded. And the second thing is that you can redeem a code only once. After using the certain code once, it becomes invalid. In order to use the codes, you have to

  • Open Perfect World Revolution on your device
  • Click on the Benefits tab
  • Then find Redeem Code tab in the list
  • Enter the code in the Text Box
  • Hit Exchange to claim the rewards

This is how you can redeem the Perfect World Revolution codes. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar guides such as Best MMORPG games.