Pastry Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom(CRK)

Here is how to get a Pastry Cookie In Coookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game full of cookies that play as a character in the game. There are around 50+ cookies each with a special set of skills and abilities. All the players have to unlock different cookies in the game to build the best team to fight in battle and with the towers to expand the kingdom. Pastry cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is an epic cookie that is placed in a rear position.

If you want to unlock this super sare epic cookie then here is a complete guide for you. Scroll down and find out how to get it in the game.

How to Unlock Pastry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Pastry Cookie In Coookie Run: Kingdom

Pastry cookie is a female cookie that is an epic cookie placed in the rear position and has the best set of skills. You can get the best out of it by pairing it with Angel & Devil cookies and by decorating it with a Clandestine Rendezvous. The Pastry cookie has a special ability to deal maximum damage to the enemy standing close to it. It also decreases the cooldown time of the enemy by firing arrows at it.

To get Pastry cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, players have to try their luck in the Gacha. Click on the Gacha option from the main screen and draw cookies by spending some crystals. There is a 0.095% probability of you getting a Pastry cookie in the draw. Every draw requires 300 crystals and you can do it as many times you want until you get the cookie you are looking for.

Crystals are the in-game currency in the game that can be obtained by playing the levels again and again or you can buy them using real-world money from the store.

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