How To Open Parachute In GTA 5 For PC

Learn how to land safely and navigate a parachute in GTA V as you leap off heights

A parachute can be quite useful for PC players when making daring escapades off tall buildings in GTA 5. However, things can get a bit messy if players do not know how to open and use a parachute properly. Knowing the proper way to use a parachute will also help players in missions like Strangers and Freaks. To unlock a parachute, players will first have to complete the Minor Turbulence mission. After this, players can easily purchase this item at Ammu-Nation.

How To Use A Parachute In GTA 5 For PC?


It is not difficult to get a handle on using parachutes once players know what they are doing. Players can follow the simple instructions given below to open and use a parachute in GTA 5 for PC.

  • To open the parachute, players need to press the F key on their keyboard or the left mouse button when they jump off from a height. These are the default keyboard and mouse settings for the game. Players can also customize them as per their convenience. Once players have pressed the right button, the parachute should open up.
  • Now, players just need to navigate the parachute for a safe landing. They can speed up by pressing W or slowing down with S. Similarly, A and D can be used to make slight left or right turns while Q and E are used for sharp turns.
  • To execute a safe landing, players need to press forward and hold Shift.

This is how players can open and use a parachute safely in GTA V for PC. The mechanics for using the item in Xbox and PS are quite similar apart from the different key settings. For example, players can open the parachute by clicking X for PS and A for Xbox devices.

PC players can also use the cheat code SKYDIVE to get a parachute in GTA V. For more GTA V content, check out Best JDM Cars In GTA V.