How To Get The Best Worm Farm In Palia

Raise worms for fishing with the help of the best Worm Farm available in Palia.

In Palia, fishing is one of the vital requirements and the Worm Farm is how you get started with it. Worms are like baits used in fishing and this helps you raise multiple of them. Not just that but you can also create fertilizer with the help of it. However, you need to craft or purchase the recipe for it first. It is a wooden table with a small hopper to farm in. So let’s look at how to get it further in this article.

How to Craft the Best Work Farm in Palia

get best worm farm in palia

To craft or get the best Work Farm in Palia, you have to get the following ingredients –

  • 12 Sapwood Plank: 12 for 1 gold.
  • 8 Stone Brick: 24 for 3 gold.
  • 4 Copper Bar: 84 for 21 gold.
  • 8 Leather: 120 for 15 gold.

Once you have the above-given ingredients, you can then go to the Worktable section by pressing “F” and selecting Worm Farm. Then make it and place it in your backyard or in your house.

How to Purchase Worm Farm in Palia

buy worm table palia

Once again if you do not want to spend time and effort in crafting the Worm Table in Palia, you can purchase it from the Fishing Vendor Einar, after increasing your fishing skill to level 4 and above.  You have to press “G” to get access to his shop. You don’t directly get access to the table but the Worm Farm recipe for 500 gold. Then you can make it on your own.

Furthermore, you can put different types of food in it and help produce different kinds of Worms along with compost. For example, you will have to go to the Worm Farm and put food in the Hopper, and wait for the worms to eat it. There is a wait time for compost and new worms to produce. But once that’s done, they can be very useful.

This was all on how to get the Best Worm Farm in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out our other gaming guides.