How To Unlock Palace In A Pool Domain : Genshin Impact

Here are all the puzzle answers for Palace in a Pool Domain on Genshin Impact!

With the new 2.1 updates, there are so many new mechanics and features to look out for. Palace in a Pool is a new domain on Genshin Impact that has also come out with the update.

Palace in a Pool is a One-Time Domain in Watatsumi Island that provides rewards after the first time completion of it. You can still play this domain however, will not get any rewards from it.

Unlocking Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool

You will need to finish the Archon Quest first and go to Inazuma. The domain is underwater when you get there. You’ll have to solve the Suigetsu Pool’s water level puzzle to lower the water level to unlock the domain.

Genshin Impact Palace in a Pool

Follow these steps to Unlock the Palace in a Pool

  1. Collect Electrograna from the Thunder Sakura.
  2. Stand next to the Lightning Probes and use the Electrograna on them. Make sure they are facing the right way before you do so.
  3. This should unlock the Electro Monuments.
  4. To activate the Electro Monuments, switch to an Electro Character. (Fischl, Lisa or Sara are recommended)
  5. Hit all 4 Monuments quickly with Electro attacks.
  6. The water level should go down.
  7. Dive into the pool and find a narrow opening inside.
  8. Swim to the very end of the pool whilst collecting Mora. Also, make sure you have enough stamina before you jump in.
  9. When you see an opening on top, start climbing up and look for wall switches.
  10. You have to tap all 3 wall switches to open the door to lower the rest of the water in the pool.
  11. Click the final switch next to the gate to open the gate.

You can simply head outside the gate, jump back in the pool and that will unlock the Palace in a Pool Domain for you. Upon completion of this domain, you will receive 40 Primogem, 5 Electro Sigil, 2 Guides to Transcience and 30000 Mora.

We hope you were able to use this as a guide to unlock the Palace in a Pool Domain in Genshin Impact! Trying to locate the Raimei Angelfish? Use this guide to find it!