Persona 5 Strikers Treasure Demons – Location, Weaknesses & Rewards

Persona 5 Strikers is full of interesting creatures and one such is Treasure Demons.

The single-player action RPG Persona 5 Striker within a short period has amassed a huge player base. Players all over the world have happily accompanied the Phantom thieves on their mission to fight people against injustice in settlements across Japan.

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If you are one such player then you must know beforehand that there are strange creatures discovered in the game in the form of haunted jewels called Treasure Demons. Keep scrolling to learn about these unheard demons.

Persona 5 Strikers Treasure Demons

Treasure Demons in Persona 5 Strikes tends to feature only in the 5th edition and usually are designed after sacred stones and precious jewels. You will come across a total of 8 Demons in the game each with certain weaknesses and promising rewards.

They don’t initiate any attack and fight back only when you attack them. You can easily identify them with a red jewel that spawns when you hit and their spawn rate can be increased if you equip the Jewel Hunter in the Bond System.

P5S Locations, Weaknesses, Base Stats & More

Treasure Demons Base Level Base Stats Weaknesses Location 
Pinky Love Level 9 ST 5, MA 5, EN 5, AG 5, LU 5 Fire Shibuya’s Jail
Demon Jewel Level 19 ST 10, MA 10, EN 10, AG 10, LU 10 Ice Sendai’s Jail
Frozen Blood Level 29 ST 15, MA 15, EN 15, AG 15, LU 15 Psy Sapporo’s Jail
Vanitas Level 39 ST 20, MA 20, EN 20, AG 20, LU 20 Wind Okinawa’s Jail
Ruby Wrath Level 49 ST 25, MA 25, EN 25, AG 25, LU 25 Elec Kyoto’s Jail
Heroic Amulet Level 59 ST 30, MA 30, EN 30, AG 30, LU 30 Nuke Osaka’s Jail
Abyss Level 69 ST 35, MA 35, EN 35, AG 35, LU 35 Bless Abyss Jail
Devoted Level 79 ST 40, MA 40, EN 40, AG 40, LU 40 Curse Tree of Life and Wisdom

Once you defeat the demons they drop valuable items for you to loot. You can also earn money by selling the valuable items obtained in loot.

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To conclude, beating them offers you great deal of experience and resources.. They also offer bonus items like consumables and ability tokens.

That’s an end to our guide on Persona 5 Strikers Treasure Demons. Good luck defeating them!