Oxygen Not Included Cheats: Unlock God Mode, Instant Build & Discover All Elements

Here's everything you need to know about Oxygen Not Included Cheats.

Oxygen Not Included is one of the most popular survival simulation video games. Developed and Published by Klei Entertainment, it was released on July 30, 2019. Oxygen Not Included is one of very few video games that allows players to use cheats.

Yes, you read that right! If you have Oxygen Not Included cheats then you can unlock different modes and reveal multiple events. If you don’t have cheat codes then our guides on Oxygen Not Included cheats will help you to unlock various mods and unleash different events.

All Oxygen Not Included Cheats

In order to use Oxygen Not Included cheats, you need to create an empty text tile first on your PC and name it “debug_enable.txt.” It is to be noted that the ‘txt’ is an extension and the file name is “debut_enable.”

Once you put Oxygen Not Included cheat codes in the game, do not forget to restart the game.

  • Steam users can navigate the folder by right-clicking the installation folder and click on ‘Local Files’ and ‘Browse Local Files’.
  • Windows and Linux User must move the “debug_enable.txt” file inside “OxygenNot Included_Data” folder/directory.
  • Unlike Steam and Windows Users, Mac users can open up package bundle via a right-click and selecting “Open Package Contents”. Put the “debug_enable.txt” file in the “Contents” folder.

Oxygen Not Included Cheats List

  • Discover All Elements — CTRL + F4
  • God Mode — ALT + F4
  • Instant Build Mode + F4
  • DebugToggle — Backspace
  • ToggleProfiler — Backquote/Tilde
  • DebugPaintForceFlower — AlphaO
  • DebugVisualTest — SHIFT + F1
  • DebugGameplayTest — SHIFT + F2
  • DebugElementTest — SHIFT + F3
  • DebugRiverTest — SHIFT + F4
  • DebugTileTest — SHIFT + F5
  • DebugSelectMalerlia !– CTRL + 5
  • DebugToggleMusic — CTRL + M
  • DebugGotoTarget — CTRL + Q
  • DebugFocus — CTRL + T
  • DebugUltraTestMode — CTRL + U
  • DebugSpawnDuplicant — CTRL + F2
  • DebugPlace — CTRL + F3
  • DebugInstantBuildMode — CTRL + F4
  • DebugShowTestMode — CTRL + F5
  • DebugDig — CTRL + F6
  • DebugExplosion — CTRL + F8
  • DebugDiscoverAllElements — CTRL + F9
  • DebugTriggerException — CTRL + F12
  • DebugRefreshNavDell — ALT + N
  • DebugTeleport — ALT + Q
  • DebugToggleSelectInEditor — ALT + T
  • DebugPathFinding — ALT + P
  • DebugReloadMods — ALT + M
  • DebugReloadLevel — ALT + L
  • DebugSuperSpeed — ALT + Z
  • DebugNotification — ALT + X
  • DebugNotificationMessage — ALT + C
  • DebugToggleUI — ALT + F1
  • DebugCollectGarbage — ALT + F3
  • DebugInvincible — ALT + F7
  • DebugApplyHighAudioReverb — ALT + F8
  • DebugApplyLowAudioReverb — ALT + F9
  • DebugForceLightEverywhere — ALT + F10
  • DebugCellInfo — ALT + F11

Primary Debug Mode – Backspace

This mode might take a few second to load if you are turning it on for the first time. This mod will help you to do following things:

  • Zoom in and Out
  • Toggle Fog of War
  • Paint Solids and Gasses
  • Copy/paste areas of a world excluding dupes
  • Save areas as a template file

Debug Instant Build Mode (Ctrl+F4)

This mode does the following things in Oxygen Not Included:

  • Upon placing an order for something to be built, it will appear instantly without using up any existing resources.
  • All building and construction types become available, even if they haven’t been researched as of yet.
  • Any new dig orders will dig out the blocks quickly, though if the game is pushed then you’ll have to resume it to take effect.
  • For any buildings where you place orders for items to be produced (Microbe Musher, Apothecary, etc), queuing up and order with “+1” will cause the requested item to be instantly produced, even if the building is receiving no power.
  • Duplicates can be assigned any Job, even if they don’t meet the requirements for the job, and will retain that job after DebugInstantBuildMode is toggled off.
  • If you select a Research subject that hasn’t yet been fully researched it will become fully researched, along with any prerequisite research subject. These research subjects will stay fully researched after DebugInstantBuildMode is toggled off.