Overwatch Server Down: How To Check Blizzard Server Status?

Here are is a complete guide to check Overwatch Server Status!

Overwatch is a first-person hero shooter multiplayer game available to play on Play station 4, Windows, and Nintendo. There are many Overwatch players facing server down issues and are unable to play the game. If you are also facing any connectivity, login issue, or errors in the game and looking for ways to find the solution for the same then you are in right place.

Here is everything you need to know about how to check the server status of Overwatch or Blizzard.

Are Overwatch Servers Down?

Overwatch server down

In Overwatch or any other games, the servers usually go down only during the maintenance break or if more than the expected number of players try to log in at the same time. Overwatch or Blizzard entertainments servers are also facing the same issue since morning and there are players looking for a way to check the server status. It is very simple to check the server status for Overwatch or any other game. If you want to learn the steps to check the server status then we have mentioned a few ways to do the same.

How To Check Blizzard Server Status (Overwatch)?

There are a total of two ways to check the server down status. You can either go and check on the official social media handles of the developers or you can check it on the Downdetector. Downdetector is a reliable, trusted, and real-time site that helps you check server outage issues in numerous games. Read further to know the steps to check the Overwatch Server Down Status using Downdetector.


Follow the simple steps to check the server status of Overwatch or Blizzard:

1. Open Any browser on your PC and search for Downdetector. Or simply click on the link and it will redirect you to the site.

2. Now click on the search icon on your screen and type the name of the game and hit the enter button.

3. A graph will appear in front of you that will give you detailed information if the server is down.


Twitter is another platform where you can follow the official handle of a game or the developers and get notified about all the maintenance breaks and server down issues. As every now and when the servers go down and the issue is brought to the devs notice they tweet about the same and inform all the players.

If you want to play Overwatch then you have no other option but have to wait patiently until the error or issue is fixed! Until then keep an eye on the Twitter handle for all the updates about the same.