Old School Runescape: How To Check Server Status And Fix Server Issues?

Are Old School RuneScape Servers down? Let's see how to check Old School Server Status and fix Old School RuneScape server issues.

What started as the side work of two brothers is now one of the most loved MMORPG for almost two decades. Runescape 3 and Old School Runescape are the two versions of Runescape running currently. Even though the fanbase is divided in both versions, Old School Runescape has managed to get more players than Runescape 3, and the main reason is the nostalgic value attached to the old school theme. With a colossal playerbase comes server issues, and Old School Runescape is no different.

How To Check Old School Runescape Server Status?

Given the popularity of Old School Runescape, if the server is down, players will be seeing a barrage of tweets on the official Twitter handle of the game. Other than that, you can always check downdetector to know the status of the servers of Old School Runescape. For the past few hours, many Old School Runescape players have been facing server issues, and the developers have acknowledged the server issues. The official handle of the game tweeted an acknowledgment and assured players that they are working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

How To Fix Old School Runescape Server Issue?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Old School Runescape Server Issues

  • One of the primary reasons for server issues is the overcrowding or overloading of servers. Runescape started as a small-time indie game, even though the game has amassed a huge fanbase, the developers still try to keep things small. The limited server capacity might fail to handle the massive fanbase of the game. Players should try changing the server using VPN and try a less crowded server, probably try a server of a region where the game is not very popular.
  • Another reason for server overloading can be that recently Old School Runescape was made available on Steam, and suddenly the playerbase of the game saw a huge spike.
  • Sometimes the issues can be from your end as well. In case you don’t see any concrete proof of server issues, try checking your system and router. We would recommend restarting your system and your router and then try launching Old School Runescape again.

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