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Obey Me All Characters List (November 2022)

Here's a list of all the Obey Me characters, go ahead and get to know them better.

Obey Me has a vast number of mysterious and handsome characters. In this game, you just have to choose one and enjoy your life in the Devildom. The game contains around 12 handsome characters and several others. If you’re confused about which one you’re compatible with, then we’re here to help. Here’s a list of all the Obey Me characters with their personalities and characteristics, go ahead and get to know them better.

List of All The Obey Me Characters (November 2022)

Here are all the characters available in Obey Me yet, we’ll keep updating this list as soon as new characters arrive.

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Lucifer – All Obey Me Characters

lucifer obey me characters

Lucifer is the Eldest of the seven demon brothers, making him the household leader. He’s an Avatar of Pride and a very unforgiving demon. Although he pretends to be very calm, composed, and intimidating. Lucifer is the student council vice president and also very close to Diavolo, consider him Diavolo’s right hand. His favorite gifts are Book, Poison Apple, Flowers, poison, and a message card.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – June 6
    • Likes – Tea with Diavolo
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Enemies of Diavolo
    • Best Friend – Lord Diavolo



Mammon is the Second oldest among the seven demon brothers. He always looks out for his profit and is very greedy, which automatically makes him the Avatar of Greed. However, you’ll come across him at the very beginning of the game as your buddy. Mammon refers to himself as “The Great Mammon” and his favorite gifts are Noodles, games, and manga. Here are some more things that you should know about him.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – September 10
    • Likes – Money
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Work
    • Weakness – Witches



Leviathan is the Third born among the seven demon brothers. He’s the Avatar of Envy and people also refer to him as Mr moody. However, he calls himself the Worthless Otaku and often remarks on how lucky others are. His favorite catchphrase is “It’s not fair”, which is understandable by his nature and avatar. He often spends his time on his laptop and his favorite gifts are Pizza, candy, movie tickets, manga, and books.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – April 9
    • Likes – The Internet
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Normies



Satan is the Fourth born and the Avatar of Wrath. Most of the time he’s very calm and composed, but when angered, then he can be very harsh and unforgiving. Although he’s the avatar of wrath but has a soft spot for animals, especially cats. So if you’re a cat lover, then you are going to like him. Here are some of his favorite gifts, Books, apple pie, and a message card.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – October 20
    • Likes – Beautiful Things
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Lucifer



Asmodeus is the Fifth born and is the Avatar of Lust. He’s very flirty and charming and takes pride in his looks. Asmodeus often considers himself as a gift that is meant to be shared with everyone. Avoid looking into his eyes, or else you’ll be charmed by his appearance too. His favorite gifts are flowers, message cards, perfume, and a black coffee made by Melancholy.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – May 15
    • Likes – Himself
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Unsightly things
    • Nick name – Asmo



Beelzebub is the Sixth born and the Avatar of Gluttony. He’s always hungry and always looking for something to eat. His favorite gifts are Movie tickets, pocket tissue, and a human world cheeseburger.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – May 11
    • Likes – Delicious food
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Unappetizing food



Belphegor is the last born among the seventh brothers and also the Avatar of Sloth. Although he’s the second youngest of the demon brother but unfortunately ranked seventh due to his powers. He’s the laziest demon and always sleepy. If you’re looking for someone to cuddle with, then Belphegor is the perfect guy for you. His favorite gifts are poison, books, sushi, and movie tickets.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – March 11
    • Likes – Napping
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Diavolo

Diavolo – Obey Me Characters

diavolo obey me characters

Diavolo is the most powerful being in Devildom and also the only child of the Demon King. He seems to have a positive and joyful attitude but it doesn’t make him a soft ruler. All the demons fear and respect him. Diavolo also has an ability where he can see bits of the future and what’s going to happen. His favorite gifts are books, manga, flowers, and Barbato’s tea.

    • Characters Details
    • Birthday – October 31
    • Likes – Tea made by Barbatos
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Pickles



Barbatos is a Butler who follows Diavolo. He is especially known for his cooking skills and likes to give homemade treats and tips. Apart from being a loyal and patient butler, he can also be sarcastic and emotionless sometimes. His favorite gifts are flowers, books, movie tickets, and Madam scream’s macrons.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – August 22
    • Likes – Ordering tea leaves
    • Race – Demon
    • Dislikes – Rats

Luke – Obey Me Characters

luke obey me characters

Luke is an Angel and a representative of the Celestial Realm. He’s very chatty and short, so sometimes other brothers refer to him as a Chihuahua. Luke is very opinionated and has a strict set of values. Apart from all this, he’s very caring and has a big heart. His favorite gifts are flowers, Barbato’s signature cake, and a message card.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – July 15
    • Likes – Simeon’s Pancakes
    • Race – Angel
    • Dislikes – Lucifer



Simeon is also an Angel and a representative of the Celestial Realm. He has a very kind nature and you’ll always see a smile on his face. Apart from being a good guy, he’s also a strict supervisor. His favorite gifts are paradise blue, books, games, and movie tickets.

Characters Details

    • Birthday – February 10
    • Likes – Cooking
    • Race – Angel
    • Dislikes – None



Solomon is the most powerful Sorcerer from the Human World. He has great magical potential and is also an exchange student. Solomon is quite confident and enjoys cooking, although his peers hate his food. His favorite gifts are books, perfume, unidentified matter, and many more things.
Characters Details

    • Birthday – December 9
    • Likes – Studying Magic
    • Race – Human
    • Dislikes – The Ocean

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