New Valorant Escalation Mode Leaked

Valorant Escalation Mode was leaked and Here's what we know about the Valorant’s first limited-time mode (LTM)

Valorant is one of the most popular games from League of Legends developer, Riot Games. On Monday the developers of the games revealed an exciting new game mode coming to the game in Patch 2.03 called Escalation. This had many players and the developers excited about how well will the game turn out to be.

Unfortunately, Valorant’s first limited-time mode (LTM), Escalation, ended up getting leaked by prominent leaker @ValorLeaks  way before its official release. Valorant Leaks tweeted the information regarding the upcoming escalation mode. Here’s what changes and upgrades can you expect in the game based on the leaked Valorant Escalation Mode.


All You Need To Know About Valorant Escalation Mode Leaked Playlist

Till now we have seen three standard modes in the game. According to early leaks, there is gonna be a fourth mode coming up. And it seems that Escalation is the title of the upcoming mode. This mode is expected to be a fast-paced game and is focused more on Kills than everything else. Since this game mode is said to be a limited-time mode (LTM) you will only get the chance to try this game out for a set period.


How Escalation Mode Works In Valorant

Valorant Escalation Mode is a five on five game mode where players compete to level up through getting kills. There are 12 total levels and the team that completes the 12 levels or is the highest level when the timer expires after 10 minutes wins the game. With each level that you pass, you will be granted different abilities and guns.


However, when playing at the squad level things will be different from individual player levels. Each player will have his or her weapon level that they will have to succeed in completing. After killing one player with your current weapon will you be able to achieve the next weapon level.


When it comes to the squad level you will not require to get a kill your levels will go up even if you do not manage to get a kill. But do keep in mind that players who get kills with weapons below the current squad level will only get half a point for their squad per kill. Also, you won’t be able to use Agent or character-specific abilities. But there will be a set of Basic abilities that can be used by anyone. Anyone can make use of these abilities regardless of their unique character specs etc.

Escalation Levels And Abilities In Valorant

Here are some of the different levels and abilities in Escalation:

  • Level 1: Always either the Ray’s Rocket Launcher Capability or Vandal or Phantom Weapon.
  • Level 2: Always either Vandal or Phantom.
  • Levels 3to 11: A variety of weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: ShortyClassicKnifeStun Arrow, or even a snowball thrower

Also, a health bag will be dropped upon someone’s death which will expire or disappear within 10 seconds. Make sure after your kills you go ahead and pick these up to save yourself as your Health bar starts to get too low.

Players will be earning 800 points experience for completing a match and additional 200 experience points for winning,

Valorant Escalation Mode Leaked: Release Date

The Escalation game mode is stated to launch alongside patch 2.03. However, no official statement has been released on the game’s actual release date.

New Valorant Escalation Mode coming to the game in Patch 2.03 will be worth the wait. This mode should prove to be a great place to practice different sorts of weapons in the game. It will be interesting to play in Escalation mode and enjoying its different levels and gameplay.