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PUBG: New State Mobile Controller Support

This is all you need to know about New State controller support.

PUBG New State Mobile is a battle royale game with millions of players. You fight with your team to become king of the field. It is a game of agility and strategy, defeat your enemy and survive to prove that you are the best. The game offers several types of battles and items like weapons, vehicles, and eatables. If you are new to this game or are wondering if you can make controls easier than they are. Then check out this guide to know about PUBG New State Mobile controller support.

Does PUBG New State Mobile Has Controller Support

New State Mobile Controller Support

There are many sources, sites, and players that claim you can use controllers from this and that company. And recommend settings and applications that modify your system to gain controller support. But the officials have not officially rolled out an upgrade that supports external controls. So using modifications and plug-ins might get you banned and could harm your system.

According to some players, using the Key Mapper app is safe, and it lets you use PS and a few other controllers. It does this by adding regulator support that the game lacks. The Key Mapper uses fingerprint gestures, volume buttons, navigation, Bluetooth, and wired keyboards. You can create a trigger by combining multiple keys, and that command will perform multiple tasks. You cannot remap power, Bixby, mouse, and DPad game controllers. But this is a roundabout way that does not guarantee to work on all mobile sets and systems. And can get you banned if found problematic.

The game is not compatible with many emulator apps. So you cannot download it on a computer and use a keyboard for easy control. Even though there are no fixed ways of using Controllers in the game, there is a possibility that the game will work on this update for players sometime in the future.

This is all you need to know about PUBG New State Mobile controller support. If you found this guide useful, check out redeem codes and how to change name.