How To Get Small, Medium, And Large HP & MP Potions In MIR4

Here's a step by step guide explaining how to buy or purchase HP and MP potion in MIR4.

MIR4 is one of the most talked-about play-to-earn games right now. There are plenty of missions and mystery quests that players will need to complete to level up, which a lot of players are finding hard to do so. Leveling up in MIR4 would be a lot easier if you have a lot of small, medium, and large HP and MP potions.

There are tons of monsters in MIR4 that you will have to defeat and beating them will require a lot of Stamina. There are plenty of players who have been having a hard time obtaining potions in MIR4 and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

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How To Buy HP & MP Potions In MIR4?

To get HP potion in MIR4, you will have to find and open crates. Upon opening certain crates, players are given only 5 to 6 small HP Potions, which is not enough to beat dozens of monsters at the same time. That’s the reason why fans have been searching for ways to purchase HP Potions by spending coins in the game.

Since we have been covering MIR4 guides since the game was launched, we have come up with a guide explaining the process of buying HP potion in the game. Those who don’t know the process must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Launch MIR4 on your PC or Mobile.
  • Open Global map and select ‘Bitcheon Castle’ and fast travel to the location.
  • Once you get to Bitcheon Castle, find Potion Merchant.

MIR4 Hp Potion

  • Once found, approach him and click on the Shopping Kart icon.
  • When you click on it a new window will appear on the screen.

MIR4 Hp Potion Guide

  • In a new window, you can see Small, Medium, Large HP, and MP potions that you can buy in MIR4.
  • I advise you to buy HP rather than MP potion in the game.
  • When you click any of them, a window will pop up on the screen asking you to select the number of potions that you want to purchase.

MIR4 Hp Potion Guide

  • Select the number of HP potions that you want to buy and click on the ‘Purchase’ button.
  • Clicking on this button will get you the selected HP potion in MIR4.
  • That’s it.

That’s all you need to know about how to purchase HP and MP potion in MIR4. While you are here, you may also like to read about how to complete all the Mystery quests in the game.