MIR4 Overambitious Father Quest – How To Complete It Fast?

Overambitious Father in Mir4 is a quest in Myriad Needle mystery and here are all the steps to complete it!

There are plenty of missions, quests, and mysteries in MIR4 that players have to complete. Myriad Needle is one of the mysteries in Mir4 that has 4 stages and 8 clues to complete. The Overambitious father is a quest that is activated after completing stage 4 of Clandestine Investigation in Myriad Needle Mystery.

There are 4 Clandestine stages and 8 clues in Myriad Needle Mystery for players to complete. Read further to know everything about the Overambitious father quest in MIR4 to get exciting rewards.

Clandestine Investigations To Reach Overambitious Father Quest In Mir4:

overambitious father mir4

Check out the list of all Clandestine investigations and the tasks next to it to complete all the stages and activate the Overambitious father quest in the game.

Stages  Tasks 
Clandestine Investigation 1 Get Iron Squad’s Mark
Clandestine Investigation 2 Get Bronze Squad’s Mark
Clandestine Investigation 3 Get Silver Squad’s Mark
Clandestine Investigation 4 Get Gold Squad’s Mark

List Of All The Clues To Complete Overambitious Father Quest In Mir4:

There are a total of 8 clues in Myriad Needle Mystery that lead you to the Overambitious quest in Mir4. Check out the table given below to know about all the clues that will help you reach your Destination.

Clues Tasks
Clue 1 Head to Bicheon Town and talk to Jang Baeksan.
Clue 2 Talk to NPC Jaesung in Bicheon Town
Clue 3 Collect 10 wildcat tailbones by killing Wildcats.
Clue 4 Head to Bicheon castle and talk to Tycoon Saeyul
Clue 5 Kill Blackfire Executor Hakhan
Clue 6 Go and meet  Tycoon Saeyul again in Bicheon castle
Clue 7 Meet Tycoon Saeyul, join his manor and fight against Hoyul
Clue 8 Talk to Hoyul

Once you manage to collect all the 8 clues the Overambitious father quest is completed. Head straight to the Mystery menu after this top claim all the rewards that you earned. Once you complete the quest you can get a revival memory, 5,000 Daksteels, and 20,000 copper coins as a reward in Mir4.

That’s all about the overambitious father quest in Mir4. For more such guides on Mir4, click on the link and get to know about all the mysteries and quests in the game.