MIR4: How To Mine Darksteel?

Here is a guide to mine Darksteel in MIR4!

DarkSteel is one of the most important yet one of the basic resources in MIR4. This is the only currency of three currencies in the game that can actually help you to earn real-world money by playing MIR4. Looking at its importance it is essential to mine Darksteel in MIR4 to not only earn money but to level up in the game.

Every player is going to require Darksteel at every stage of the game therefore it’s better if we learn the best ways and locations to mine Darksteel in MIR4 and get the most out of it. Without any further ado, let us start with MIR4 Darksteel mining guide.

Best Ways To Farm Darksteel In MIR4

  • As we mentioned earlier Darksteel is the primary currency in the game players can begin from daily quests or tasks. There are several quests to complete in the game that reward Darksteel for free. All the players can complete these tasks a certain number of times and earn the maximum amount of Darksteel from it.

mine Darksteel in MIR4

  • There is one similar option like daily tasks that can get you Darksteel in MIR4. Missions and Daily quests go hand in hand when it comes to mine Darksteel in MIR4.
  • You can find both options by clicking on the plus icon on the top right corner of your screen and then clicking on either Missions or Daily Tasks. There are very simple and easy challenges that all players can complete in no time and get unlimited Darksteel.
  • Another way to get Darksteel is from the Magic Square Cube. This is a chamber of rooms that leads you to the room full of Darksteel pile. But you will need to reach at least level 24 to get content to this room.
  • Reach level 24, unlock the Magic Cube Square. Then shift into different rooms every 5 seconds until you reach a room full of Darksteel.
  • There are many locations on MIR4 map where you can get Darksteel mines but the Bicheon Valley has a treasure of Darksteel. Click on the map icon, find Bicheon Valley, and head there for the Darksteel. Explore the valley especially the higher areas, defeat the enemies to get Daksteel in reward.
  • The last way to get Darksteel is by unlocking the Achievements. Unlock all the achievements and get one-time Darksteel rewards.

Here we come to the end of MIR4 for the Darksteel mining guide. For more such guides on MIR4 click here and visit our page and understand all the little things in the game.