Find the Location of Energy MIR4 Quest: How To Complete It & Get Rewards

Follow the steps to find out location of energy in Mir 4.

MIR4 is a free-to-play open-world Asian-fantasy MMORPG available for free on Microsoft Windows and Android. There are several quests and missions in the game on each level that keep you in the game. The “Here’s To Success: Find the Location of Energy” is also one of the easy quests in Mir 4 that you can complete and get rewards.

If you don’t know where to find the Location of Energy in Mir 4, then here is a guide for you. Refer to this guide before you start the mission to complete it in one go and get all the rewards.

Find the Location of Energy MIR4 Quest Guide

There are plenty of missions in every level in Mir 4 and they are very easy to complete. Finding the location of energy is also one of such easy missions in the game. Follow the steps given below to complete the mission in Mir 4.

1) Launch Mir 4 on your PC or Android. Click on the ‘+’ icon located on the extreme top right side of the screen and go to the Missions section.

2) Accept the request for the mission by clicking on the ‘Accept’ button on your screen.

find the location of energy Mir 4

3) Once you start the mission, talk to NPCs and get a hint about the location of energy.

4) NPC will tell you about a place around Ginkgo valley where a lot of energy gathers that you can find easily by using air walks.

find the location of energy Mir 4

5) Now that you have got the hint, start moving towards the Ginkgo valley and reach the Ginkgo Ruined Village.

6) Once you get there explore around and find the location energy on the top of the hills.

find the location of energy Mir 4

7) Reach there and meditate for 1 minute to complete the Find the Location of Energy quest in Mir 4.

find the location of energy Mir 4

8) On successful completion of the quest you will receive copper coins, EXP, and many more things as a reward.

This is everything you need to know about finding the Location of Energy quest in Mir 4. Click here on this link for more guides in Mir 4.