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MIR4: How To Farm Gold Coins?

Here is a guide to farm unlimited gold coins in MIR4!

MIR4 is an Asian fantasy game that has plenty of classes, modes, ranks, features to choose from. Not only characters and modes but it have variety in the game’s currency as well. The highest currency in MIR4 is Gold Coins and it is a little confusing to obtain. There are many players searching for ways to farm Gold Coins in MIR4.

If you are also one of the players and looking for ways to farm unlimited Gold Coins then you are in right place. Here is a detailed guide explaining all the ways to get unlimited Gold Coins in MIR4.

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How To Get Gold Coins In MIR4?

gold coins in MIR4

There are a total of three different types of currencies in MIR4 that players can use in-game for various purposes. These three currencies are Dark Steel, Copper, and Gold. Gold is the highest currency in the game and it is a little difficult to get.

Dark steel and  Copper can be obtained simply from mining, converted into Draco (Cryptocurrency), and used later. But it is not possible to get Gold from mining and there are other ways to obtain it in MIR4.

Without any further ado, let us straight get to the ways to farm Gold Coins in MIR4.

  • The only way to farm gold for free in MIR4 is by putting items that you earned in the game on sale. Collect all the rare or epic weapons and items in the game and sell them in the in-game market.
  • You can find this market space in the menu section and put any of your items on sale. Decide an appropriate prize and put it on sale. The other players who need that item will buy your stuff and reward you with Gold Coins in the game.
  • Another way to farm Gold Coins in MIr 4 is by buying them with real-world money. You can buy a set of or a box of Gold Coins by paying real-world money online.

These are the only two ways that can be used to farm Gold Coins in MIr4. For more guides on MIR for visit our page Gamesadda.in