MIR4: How To Get Free Epic Spirit?

Here is a guide to get free epic spirits in MIR4!

MIR4 is a free-to-play open world Asian-fantasy MMORPG game available to play on Android and PC. The game has n number of classes, weapons, equipment, characters, costumes to choose from. You can choose between these classes and the different modes of the game to enjoy it your way. Apart from the main characters, there are small NPC characters in MIR4 called Epic Spirits.

These Epic Spirits can be obtained for free in MIR4 and can be used to upgrade your strengths and abilities in the game. If you are looking for ways to get these Epic Spirits for free in MIR4 then you here you go!

What Are Epic Spirits In MIR4?

Free Epic Spirits MIR4

Epic Spirits are the small NPC characters usually unnoticed but very useful in MIR4. These are the special characters that help all the players to upgrade their abilities. Epic spirits not only help you to upgrade but can also get you a lot of rewards and bonuses in return.

Epic Spirits in MIR4 are available for free as in you do not need to spend any in-game or real-world money to get them. But as we all know nothing comes for free so does Epic Spirits. You have to trade Epic Blue Dragon Statues at Damopyos shop to get the free Epic Spirits. Read further to know how to find the Epic Blue Dragon Statues and trade them to get the Spirits.

How To Get Epic Blue Dragon Statues?

Epic Blue Dragon Statues are important resources in MIR4 that can be obtained in two ways. You can either get them as a reward for completing a quest or you can collect them during drops in a boss fight. These are the only two ways in which you can get them and can not be crafted in MIR4.

Complete the quests or win the boss fights and collect as many Epic Blue Dragon Statues as you can as you will need a minimum of 200 of them every time you want to unlock and Epic Spirit in MIR4.

How To Get Free Epic Spirits In MIR4?

It is very easy to get free Epic Spirits once you gather the required amount of Epic Blue Dragon Statues. All you have to do now is trade it.

  • Head to Blue Dragon Craftsman in Bicheon Castle and meet “Dampyo
  • Dampyo has a set of special loot boxes that can get you free Epic Spirits in MIR4.
  • Get 200 Epic Blue Dragon Statues and use them to craft Epic Blue Dragon Coffer (Spirit).
  • Once the crafting is completed you can collect free Epic Spirits from special loot box drops.

Here we come to an end for ways to get free Epic Spirits in MIR4. Click here on this link for more such guides on MIR4.