Minecraft Pocket Edition Commands That You Need to Know

Some Minecraft Pocket Edition Commands are lifesavers, others are just useful - every one is a necessity though!

Minecraft Pocket Edition has opened up a world of new ideas and fun for most of us. But as you play, you come to realize that some things are more tedious for us to do than others. And sometimes you just can’t wait to get out of a bad situation. Being able to cheat your way out has been the lifesaver that we need to get on with our game without worrying about the mundane. So here is the list of Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) commands that you need to know.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Command Cheat Codes
Commands That You Need to Know


To enable commands, first, you must allow cheats to load into the world. You can do this by going to your Settings > Game > Cheats.

But remember, once you do this, your achievements in that particular world will be disabled. So if you want to save your world from eternal damnation, it is probably wise to make a new world where cheating is allowed instead. So as to save your current progress in the world with achievements. Use these Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) commands to enhance your gameplay today:



/ability Grants or revokes ability to a player
/alwaysday Stops or resumes the day-night cycle
/camerashake Creates a camera shaking effect
/changesetting Change a dedicated server setting
/clear Clear item(s) from the player’s inventory
/clearspawnpoint Removes the spawn point
/clone Copies block(s) and puts them in a location
/connect Connect to websocket server
/deop Takes operator status away from a player
/dialogue Opens NPC dialogue
/difficulty Sets the game’s difficulty
/effect Add/Remove status effects
/enchant Enchants a selected item
/event Triggers an event
/execute Executes a different command
/fill Fills an area with blocks
/fog Changes fog settings
/function Runs a function
/gamemode Sets player’s game mode
/gamerule Sets game rule
/gametest GameTest features
/give Gives an item to a player
Displays a list of available commands and information about them
/immutableworld Set immutable world state
/kick Kick a player
/kill Kill any entity
/list Lists players
/locate Locate the closest structure
/me Displays a message
/mobevent Enables or disables mob event
/music Allows the player to play music tracks
/op Gives player operator status
/ops Reloads or displays permissions list
/particle Creates particle(s)
/playanimation Play an animation
/playsound Plays a sound
/reload Reloads functions, advancements and loot tables
/replaceitem Replace any item(s) in inventory
/ride Change ride settings or entities
/save Resume, status query, backup
/say Displays a message to multiple players
/schedule Schedule the execution of a function
/scoreboard Manages the scoreboard
/setblock Changes a block
/setmaxplayers The max amount of players allowed to join
/setworldspawn Sets the world spawn point
/spawnpoint Set the spawn point of a player
/spreadplayers Spreads entities around the map randomly
/stop The command used to stop the server
/stopsound Stop a sound
/structure Save or load structures
/summon Summons an entity
/tag Control entity tags
/teleport Teleports entities
/tellraw Displays message to players (JSON)
/testfor Number of entities matching specified criteria
/testforblock Check if a block is in a location
/testforblocks Check if the blocks in two regions match
/tickingarea List, add, remove ticking areas
/time Changes world time
/title Control screen titles
/titleraw Control screen titles (JSON)
/toggledownfall Changes the weather
/tp Same as ‘/teleport’
/w Same as ‘/tell’ ,’/msg’. Displays private message
/wb Edit restricted blocks. Same as ‘/worldbuilder’
/weather Sets the weather
/xp Adds or removes exp from a player



Remember, commands in the Pocket Edition are like programming languages themselves and so, you will need to follow certain programming rules if you want your cheats to work. And you can always use ‘/help’ or ‘/?’ to get information if you ever need assistance. If that doesn’t help then there are always a ton of servers out there that have lots of help available. Just search for your question or post a new one. Help is just around the corner.

We hope that this article has been useful and that you now have all of the Minecraft PE commands that you need to know. If you want to read up more on Minecraft, then check out these guides for help and information.