How To Fix Minecraft Not Using GPU Issue In 2022?

Here is a quick guide on how to check if Minecraft is using GPU, if not then how to fix it!

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit on the PC. It is used to run all the games with high FPS smoothly on your computer. Most of the time the computer detects the app’s requirement and switches to GPU automatically. But sometimes it does not switch and the players experience lower graphics or FPS while playing the game.

There are many players out there experiencing the “Minecraft Not Using GPU” issue and are looking for ways to fix it. If you are also facing the same low graphic issue and want to check and fix it then look no further as we have you covered.

Here are all the steps to check whether Minecraft is using GPU on your system and if not then how to fix that!

Steps To Check If Minecraft Is Using GPU:

Minecraft not using GPU

Here are all the steps to check whether Minecraft is using GPU on your system or not.

  • Launch Minecraft on your PC and select a world and start the game.
  • Now minimize the game and right-click on the Task Bar.
  • From the list of options click on Task Manager and find Minecraft in the box that appeared on your screen.
  • On the horizontal tab look for GPU and GPU Engine columns.
  • If Minecraft is using GPU on your system you will see it here in percentage (Units) and if it isn’t you will see 0% in the GPU and GPU Engine column for Minecraft.

Now, if the task manager shows 0% activity for Minecraft that clearly indicates that it isn’t using GPU and you need to fix that. Read further to learn how to do that.

Minecraft Not Using GPU Error Fix:

Minecraft not using GPU

Minecraft Not Using GPU is a simple issue and can be fixed using a few simple steps. Here are all the steps to fix the issue and run Minecraft on GPU.

  • Close Minecraft on your PC and head to the Settings by hitting the Windows logo key.
  • Next, click on settings and go to the Display tab from the left side menu.
  • Find and click on Graphics Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Browse option and select the “Minecraft” game file on your drive.
  • Now Minecraft will appear on the Graphic Settings Page and there will be two options below it.
  • Click on the “Options” button to set the highest graphic performance on Minecraft.
  • Here again, you will be given three options, select “High Performance” and hit the Save button.
  • Now close the settings and launch Minecraft again and check if it’s using GPU now by following the steps mentioned above!

The steps are the same regardless of whether you have an NVIDIA GPU or an AMD GPU. So follow the steps set the GPU settings and enjoy Minecraft with the best graphics! While you are here, click on the link and have a look around our Minecraft Guides that will help you enhance your gaming experience.