How To Get A Golden Tree In Merge Mansion (2022)

The golden tree can grant XP Star, Bronze Coins, and Diamonds to players

Merge Mansion is a puzzle game that also has an intriguing storyline that hooks players. Players can get a variety of helpful items as they progress through the game. One item that can help players earn more XP and Coins in Merge Mansion is the golden tree.

When fully leveled up, the golden tree can grant XP Star, Bronze Coins, and Diamonds. Players that want to know how they can get the golden tree in the game should read this article further.

Merge Mansion: How To Obtain A Golden Tree?


The golden tree is a decorative item in Merge Mansion that can also yield rewards for players. To create a golden tree, players will need to merge Empty Seed Bags.

Seed Bags will be dropped when players merge Flower Pots or Green Boxes. Moreover, players can also purchase them from the in-game shop. Players can also get them as event rewards in Merge Mansion.

Once, players have the Empty Seed Bags, all they have to do is tap on them to release the seeds inside. These seeds can now be merged to create flowers. Flowers can eventually be merged to the golden tree. This is how players can get the golden tree in Merge Mansion.

Once the golden tree reaches Level 5, it has a recharge time of 4 hours with 5 drops in each recharge. While the rewards gained from the golden tree are only mediocre in quality and quantity, it is a good item to have for aesthetics.

Merge Mansion story revolves around an old mansion that has fallen into disrepair. It is given to Maddie by her grandmother and hides many secrets within its doors. Players can join Maddie and uncover the many secrets of the mansion while also redesigning it.

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