How To Get Melanie (Medusa) in Dislyte

Here is how you can get Melanie in Dislyte.

While there are many Espers in Dislyte, choosing the right one can be a task. There are four main roles in the game and building the right balance between them can be difficult if you don’t have the right members in your squad. While there are certain favourites, Controller Espers are crucial to winning your game. One of the best Controllers is Melanie. This leaves everyone trying their best to get her as soon as possible. So go on and grab your chance to get Melanie A.K.A. Medusa in Dislyte with the help of this guide.

Best Way To Get Melanie (Medusa) in Dislyte

How To Get Melanie in Dislyte

There is only one way to get Melanie in Dislyte. You have to purchase her through the Club Shop. This means that you have to grind a lot to earn enough and get those 200 Club Points. Yup, 200 points for this mega Controller. Being so rare, she sure is a lot to work for despite only being a B-Tier character. But at least she’s easy to find. You will need to get 30 Medusa fragments before you are able to acquire this Esper in the game.

The best way to get these points for Melanie is by joining or even creating your own Dislyte club and having a ton of members to help you get all those points. However, you need to remember that clubs are a great way to make friends and not just a way to get what you want. When you’re active in your club, you are able to speed up the time that it takes to actually get Melanie in Dislyte.

It will take a lot of resistance but you will have to control yourself from buying anything else. Well, at least before you get Melanie in the Dislyte Club Shop. We believe that you can do it!

This was our guide on how to get Melanie in Dislyte. Check out this guide if you want to learn how you too can create, join and manage clubs in Dislyte.