Mass Effect Scan the Keepers: Here Are All Keeper Locations

Here's a guide explaining where to find Keepers in Mass Effect.

There is a mission called ‘Scan The Keepers’ in Mass Effect Legendary Edition that can be obtained from a Salarian, Chorban. To complete this mission, players will have to scan a total number of 20 Keepers but not all of them can easily be found in the game.

There are tons of players who have been having trouble finding Keepers location in Mass Effect and if that’s you then look no further as we have a guide showcasing their exact location in the simplest way possible.

Mass Effect: All Keeper Locations (Scan the Keepers)

Citadel Tower

There are four locations where you can find Keepers in Citadel Tower in Mass Effect legendary Edition.

  • It is located next to Chorban.
  • On the highest tier, there is a door located in the bottom left (Southwest) corner of the map, where you will find the second Keeper.
  • Head back to the middle tier, where you will find an enclosed area, you will have to get past Rear Admiral Kahoku to find the third keeper.
  • This one is located in the northwest corner of the map that will take you to the bottom floor.


  • On West-side, it is located next to an Avina Terminal.
  • In Northwest, it is located near the Wards Access.
  •  After entering the Embassy Lounge, you will have to keep going on until you reach an ‘external’ balcony.
  • In the Embassy Lounge, but this time you will have to go towards the northeast and find a room that contains computer terminals, human diplomats, and Elcor.
  • In the Embassies, the Volus and Elcor office beside Ambassador Udina’s.
  •  You will have to head Southeast through the entrance to the Consort’s Chambers.
  • Beside the stairway south of the Krogan Monument and west of the Consort’s Chambers.
  • It is located in Emporium Storage.


  • It is located near the Citadel Rapid Transit terminal. To get there, you will have to get past the Med Clinic.
  • It is located In the northwest corner of the Upper Markets.
  • In the middle of the Alleyway between Chora’s Den and the Wards access corridor.
  • It is located behind the Quasar Machines located in Upper Wards.
  • It can be found in front of the entrance to C-Sec Academy, located near Officer Eddie Lang.
  • It can be found in the C-Sec Requisitions Office in C-Sec Academy.
  • It is located in the Traffic Control room in the C-Sec Requisitions.
  • It is found at the Southwest corner of the Docking Bay, which is located at the end of the gantry the Normandy is docked with (You would not be able to find this Keeper if the side mission Citeadel: I Remember Me is active).

That’s everything you need to know about Keepers location in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.