How To Level Up Fast In Marvel Future Revolution

Future Revolution has purple, green and yellow quests. Let's see which quests to do first and how to level up your hero quickly in the game.

Marvel Future Revolution is the first open-world game with Marvel heroes. Just like any other open-world game here also players can complete story missions and side missions to get XP points and level up. With so many missions and side missions to level up, it is important to know what you should prioritize to level up quickly. Let’s see how to level up quickly in Marvel Future Revolution.

Tips To Level Up Quickly In Marvel Future Revolution


  • At the start of the game New Stark City, Xandearth, and Hydra Empire are the 3 cities that are available for players. Every city has multiple quests, the purple quests are the story mode quests whereas the green and yellow quests are side quests. In these 3 cities, we would recommend players prioritize all the purple quests as they give the highest XP points.
  • Once you reach level 54 you will unlock Asgard and Sakaar. Both the regions have high XP quests and here the side quests (green and yellow) will also yield a good amount of XP points. We would recommend players complete the green quests before the purple story quests to avoid double work. Just doing all the quests will get you to level 100 even before the story mode ends.
  • Explore all the areas in the game as many yellow quests will only pop up when you visit the location. Yellow quests are easy to do and yield good XP very quickly which is why these are unmissable.
  • Make sure to add as many friends as you can as you get a reward for adding 50 friends. Apart from that you and your friends can send each other Friendship tokens every day that can be used in the store to buy weapons and customizations.
  • Instead of leveling up one hero to level 100 you should level up multiple heroes to level 50. Reaching level 50 with any hero isn’t very difficult and after level 50 it gets really expensive to level up heroes.
  • Leveling up your second or third hero becomes easier as you are familiar with the fights and you get huge amounts of squad XP when you level up any of the heroes.

These were all the tips we gathered from our experience of Marvel’s Future Revolution. We are doing reruns of the game to find more such tips and tricks. Bookmark this article and do come back for more such tips and tricks.

That’s all for this one, do check out the Marvel Future Revolution Tier list to get the best heroes in the game.



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