Marvel Contest Of Champions (MCOC): How To Sell Champions?

Players had the option to sell their Champions for Shards, iso, and gold earlier.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) is a fighting game situated in the Marvel Universe. The game was released for iOS and Android. It is based on the events of the limited comic book series Contest of Champions. There are many features in the game that players can utilize to generate more resources. One such feature was the ability to sell Champions in Marvel Contest Of Champions. However, the option is no longer available in the game. Find out what happened in the article below.

How To Sell Champions In Marvel Contest Of Champions?


Earlier, players were able to sell their Champions for Shards, iso, and gold in MCOC. However, the option has now been removed from the game. This issue was addressed by Kabam when they announced that it will no longer be possible for players to sell their Champions in the game. This was done to aid the long-term growth of players’ rosters. As per Kabam, selling Champions negatively affected the progression of players in the long term. Therefore, they chose to withdraw the feature.

Often players that were new to the game ended up selling their lower star Champions in bulk and their overall progress suffered. This was especially the case for modes like the Arena. Many new players do not realize that there are many objectives or challenges in this game that require specific Champions with specific star ratings. This means that if you only focused on high-tier Champions and sold the rest, you will be stuck in the game at some point. This is why now if you wish to remove extra Heroes from your collection, you can only delete them.

This is everything you need to know about selling Champions in Marvel Contest Of Champions. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out How To Get Fire Emblem Engage On PC?