Maplestory: Adele – Best Class Skill Build Guide (November 2022)

Here's a detailed guide on Adele skill build in Maplestory.

Adele, the most popular High-Flora class in Maplestory, manages flying swords while mobbing and is hence the finest mobbing class ever. She begins in the artsy city of Ristona, bringing with her a new form of weapon, the Bladecaster. It has its own storyline that you must finish in order to access Maple World and amazing powers. Keep following this guide till end to build best Adele skills in Maplestory.

Maplestory Adele – Complete Guide


Adele may be made as either male or female and is best suited for mobbing and bossing. This heroic warrior was trapped in the abyss for ages until a heartfelt prayer from a youngster brought her alive. Adele carries Aether Swords, which she crafted with pure magic which attacks an enemy just by her intent.

Key Atrributes

  • Type – High Flora
  • Job – Warrior
  • Primary Attribute – Strength
  • Primary Weapon – Bladecaster
  • Hit Points/Mana Points – High/Low
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory – Illium, Adele, Ark
  • Legion Block – +Strength (10/20/40/80/100)
  • Link Skill – Noble Fire (+4% Boss Damage, +2-8% damage per party member)
  • Inner Ability – 20% Boss Damage

Maplestory: Adele – First Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Blade Of Will Blade of Will is a sword magic generating skill that slices directly next to you. Main Attack Skill
Magic Dispatch Magic Dispatch summons a magical shard that chases the enemy. Cooldown Attack Skill
Jaunt This skills gives an additional jump in the air which can be put into motion by pressing the up key. Double Jump Skill
High Rise High Rise temporarily takes your consciousness, shuts you down, and radiates magic. In the meanwhile, you can make, use of your flying abilities. Float in air for 2 seconds
Martial Discipline This skill strengthens the fighter’s base. Passive buff skill.

Maplestory: Adele – Second Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Skewering This skill summons many lengthy swords. Main Attack Skill
Aether Forge With the available ether this skill generates aether sword comepletey encircling your body. The aether swords can’t be toggled and also isn’t unaffected by the attack reflection. Further, it attacks the surrounding enemies. Toggle Skill
Impale Impale summons an aether sword that may be aimed in any angle. If you don’t want to get an aether crystal, you can chain it using Resonance Rush. When fired beyond a distance, the sword disappears and is replaces the original crystal with an aether crystal. Secondary Attack Skill
Resonance Rush This skill generates a massive aether sword that may be wielded in any orientation. It makes a connection with a distant crystal, urging you to approach it. However, this skill may only be used if an aether crystal is close or if it is connected with an Impale skill. Only when chained with Impale does the sword summon quicker and follow the Impale path. Rush Skill + Buff Skill
Aetherial Arms During fight, this skill generates shards naturally. Toggle Skill
Weave Infusion Weave Infusion in order to boost your Bladecaster’s attack speed temporarily by 2 levels makes use of MP. Attack Speed Skill
Bladecaster Control This skill boosts the Bladecaster Mastery and Attack Power. Passive Damage Buff
Will To Live This skill prepares you for survival by instilling in you all of the essential attributes. Passive Heal Buff
Elite Training This skill usually trains your strength. After which you become the most formidable in the game. Passive Damage Buff

Maplestory: Adele – Third Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Eviscerate This skill summons cross slashing 2 swords. Main Attack Skill
Hunting Decree The Hunting Decree directs the aether sword created in tandem with the forge in order to chase the enemy. The skill is unaffected by attack reflection and is only effective in the presence of a nearby aether sword. Summon Flying Swords skill
Noble Summons This skill commands an aether swords impacted by Hunting Decree to come back in a linear fashion to the place where the skill was performed, hitting enemies along their way. The aether sword’s lifespan does not diminish throughout Noble Summons, and enemies attacked create a little quantity of aether. Attack reflection and effects that reset cooldowns have no impact on this skill. Secondary Attack Skill
Reign Of Destruction Reign of Destruction generates an unending stream of swords that span a huge area and is unaffected by attack reflection. 7 Second Damage Over Time Area Skill
True Nobility Your heroic soul is forced to suffer for teammates by this skill. As a result, you create a spirit sphere in which you and your team suffer damage and, as a result, create a barrier. When you use the skill again, it is immediately negated and is unaffected by the buff durations or freeze effects. Reduce Damage Skill
Feather Float As the name implies, this skill floats backwards like a feather and stays upright for a brief period. Teleport Skill
Ascent This skill improves you and makes you strongest. Passive Damage Buff
Tolerance This skill helps you become more tolerant of a variety of threats. Passive Defense Buff

Maplestory: Adele – Fourth Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Cleave Cleave is yet another sword generating skill which can be used to slash enemies next to you. Main Attack Skill
Aether Bloom Only when at least one aether sword is under the Hunting Decree can this skill be used to unleash a mystical glow. The attack of reflection, as well as effects that reset cooldowns, have no impact on this skill. When the skill is active, the duration of aether swords remains intact, and swords fetched via noble summons cannot shine. Secondary Attack Skill
Grave Proclamation Grave Proclamation, in association with the cursed sword, marks enemies for destruction, making them your first target for aether swords. Whether the skill is on cooldown or another enemy is marked, the initial mark disappears. The effects, which reset the cooldown have no impact on the skill  and target the nearest opponent with maximum HP. Single Target Attack + Damage Buff
Aether Guard This skill, as the name implies, prevents enemy attacks with spinning swords and is immune to cooldown resetting effects. When you activate the skill, you receive momentary vulnerability that isn’t influenced by buff duration increases and you don’t incur crippling status effects since the attack is totally shielded. Iframe / damage reduction skill
Plummet Plummet encircles your body in powerful magic, empowering you to attack enemies. Verticle Attack Skill
Hero Of The Flora This skill is useful in boosting teammates stats moentarily and does not stack well with Call Of Cygnus, Maple Warrior, Anima Warrior, Rhinne’s Protection, Hero Of The Flora, and Nova Warrior. Damage Buff
Floran Hero’s Will This skill improves your power to avoid some abnormal statistic effects and makes you immune to them for 3 seconds after you activate it. Debuff Skill
Bladecaster Expertise This skill enhances your Blademaster Mastery and AP. Passive Damage Buff
Perfection It enhances your expertise by putting you through intensive training. Passive Damage Buff
Ruination Trigger this skill to break the enemy sheilds. Passive Damage Buff
Strive Achieve mastery level with this skill by fighting continuously. Passive Damage Buff

Maplestory: Adele – Hyper Class Job Skill Build Guide

The moment you hit level 140 hyper skills are unlocked while its points are earned when you are closer to level 200.

  • Trigger – Reinforce
  • Trigger – Guardbreak
  • Trigger – Boss Rush
  • Reign Of Destruction – Persist
  • Aether Guard – Persist
  • Blade Torrent
  • Divine Wrath
  • Shardbreaker

Maplestory: Adele – Fifth Job Skill Build Guide

Skill Description Type
Infinity Blade The Infinity Blade conjures a space filled with aether swords. Only Grave Proclamation has an effect on these swords. Burst Attack Skill + Iframe on cast
Legacy Restoration This skill is effective for briefly regenerating the missing magical gateway and magical wings. Attack reflection has no impact on this skill. Damage Buff Skill + Heal Party
Ruin To bring about a major disaster Ruin calls forth an ancient destruction weapon. Cooldown Attack Skill
Storm This skill spreads all Aether Swords directed by Hunting Decree surrounding you in a crazy whirlwind and chases down the enemy while transporting a quantity of Aether Swords equal to the amount of Aether Swords surrounding your body. Cooldown Attack Skill

As a fifth job class Pathfinder must claim the following items.

  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Weapon Aura
  • Erda Nova

That’s all I’ve got for the Adele skill build in this Maplestory guide. You can find more detailed guides on Maplestory here.