How Many Main Missions Are There In GTA San Andreas

Looking for a list of GTA San Andreas Mission, this is for you.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has more than a hundred missions with similar rewards, which makes it confusing for players to keep a tab of all the missions they have completed. No need to worry as you can follow this guide to know, how many main missions there are in GTA San Andreas and what they give.

How Many Main Missions Are There in GTA San Andreas and What Are They

How Many Main Missions GTA San Andreas

There are altogether 101 main missions in this game, including the opening mission. Below is the table list of all the missions divided into sections.

Los Santos Missions

Missions Rewards
In the Beginning N/A
Big Smoke N/A
Sweet Kendl Johnson House and Respect
Ryder Barbers, Restaurants, Tattoo Parlors, and Respect
Tagging Up Turf Spray Can inside the Johnson House and Respect
Cleaning the Hood Respect
Drive-Thru $200, Gyms and Respect
Nines and AK’s Emmet’s, Binco, Sub Urban, ProLaps, and Respect
Drive-By $500 and Respect
Sweet’s Girl Respect
Cesar Vialpando Money, Loco Low Co., TransFender
Home Invasion Respect
Catalyst Respect
Robbing Uncle Sam Respect
OG Loc Respect
Running Dog Respect
Wrong Side of the Tracks Respect
Just Business Respect
Life’s a Beach Respect
Madd Dogg’s Rhymes Respect
Management Issues Respect
House Party Respect
Burning Desire Denise Robinson as a girlfriend
Gray Imports N/A
Doberman Ammu-Nation, Gang Warfare, and Respect
Los Sepulcros Respect
High Stakes, Low Rider $1000
Reuniting the Families Respect
The Green Sabre Flint County, Whetstone, and San Fierro

Countryside Missions

Missions Rewards
Badlands N/A
First Date N/A
Tanker Commander $5000
Body Harvest Respect
King in Exile N/A
First Base N/A
Local Liquor Store $1000
Gone Courting N/A
Against All Odds $2000
Made in Heaven N/A
Small Town Bank $10000
Wu Zi Mu $5000
Farewell, My Love… N/A
Are You Going to San Fierro? 5-star wanted level achievable, Safehouse in San Fierro, Zip clothing, and Respect

San Fierro Missions

Missions Rewards
Wear Flowers in Your Hair Zero RC shop
555 We Tip Valet Uniform
Deconstruction N/A
Photo Opportunity Respect
Jizzy $3000 and Respect
Air Raid $3000
Supply Lines… $5000
New Model Army $7000, Zero RC
T-Bone Mendez $5000 and Respect
Mike Toreno $7000 and Respect
Outrider $9000 and Respect
Snail Trail N/A
Ice Cold Killa $12000 and Respect
Back to School Super GT, Bullet, Hotknife, and Wang Cars showroom
Pier 69 $15000 and Respect
Toreno’s Last Flight $18000 and Respect
Mountain Cloud Boys $5000 and Respect
Ran Fa Li $6000 and Respect
Lure $8000 and Respect
Amphibious Assault $11000 and Respect
The Da Nang Thang $15000 and Respect
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom $25000, Tierra Robada, Bone County, Las Venturas and Respect
Zeroing In $5000 and  Wheel Arch Angels
Test Drive $5000, Elegy and Sultan spawn and Respect
Customs Fast Track Up to $10000, Savanna spawns, and Respect
Puncture Wounds $5000, Stratum spawns, and Respect

Desert Missions

Missions Rewards
Monster Money
Highjack $7000
Interdiction $1000
Verdant Meadows Verdant Meadows Airfield and Respect
Learning to Fly 6-star wanted level achievable,  Police Maverick Spawn, Rustler spawns to Stuntplane and Hunter, Increased Flying Skill and Respect
N.O.E. $15000
Stowaway $20000
Black Project N/A
Green Goo $20000, Jetpack and Verdant Meadows

Las Venturas Missions

Missions Rewards
Fender Ketchup $5000 and Respect
Explosive Situation $7000 and Respect
You’ve Had Your Chips $10000 and Respect
Don Peyote Respect
Architectural Espionage Respect
Key to Her Heart Millie as a Girlfriend, Gimp Suit, and Respect
Dam and Blast Respect
Cop Wheels Respect
Up, Up and Away! Leviathan and Respect
Intensive Care $5000 and Respect
The Meat Business $8000 and Respect
Madd Dogg Respect
Fish in a Barrel N/A
Misappropriation N/A
Freefall $15000 and Respect
High Noon N/A
Saint Mark’s Bistro $20000, Didier Sachs and Respect
Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s $100000 and Respect
A Home in the Hills Madd Dogg’s Crib and Respect

Return to Los Santos Missions

Missions Rewards
Vertical Bird $50000, Hydra, and Respect
Home Coming Gang Warfare reenabled and Respect
Beat Down on B Dup Respect
Cut Throat Business Respect
Grove 4 Life Respect
Riot N/A
Los Desperados Respect
End of the Line $250000 and Respect

In this article, you learned how many missions there are in GTA San Andreas and What they are. Looking for more articles related to this game, check out how to download it on android.