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Lineage 2M Classes, Abilities, Stats, And Trust Quests Explained

Learn more about Lineage 2M and all its classes, abilities & stats.

Lineage 2M is a new RPG that has various Classes, Abilities, and Stats that you can play around with. This is part of the mechanics of the game and the way the gameplay has been designed. A class and abilities based system allows players to experience different aspects of the gameplay. This also allows users to incorporate individual preferences into a character. So, let’s find out how the game works.

Lineage 2M Classes System explained

Lineage 2M Classes, Abilities, Stats, And Trust Quests Explained

The class system in the game is pretty unique as it tied to the weapons in the game. The cards will be divided into colors going from grey to purple. There will be several cards for every type of weapon. They will then differ based on the character and other abilities. You will be able to get new cards from the in-game store. However, they will be random drops. Also, you will not be able to put a purple card on character level 10 because of the system of class development. Only when you level up a character can you get access to the next grade of the card.

Lineage 2M Abilities

You will be able to get new character abilites by using a feature known as learning books. These too are further divided into colors depending on the level. You will be able to purchase these books from the in-game store and also from various NPCs around the map. To purchase these books you will have to use up the in-game currency.

Trust Quests

There are a variety of Trust Quests that you will get in the game. You get these quests from statues that are located in large cities. Again, like books, you can purchase these items from the in-game store.

As soon as I disocover new aspects about the game, I will add them in diligently.

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