How To Leave A Clan In (Member And Leader)

Can't participate in the expeditions with your current Clan, as it is inactive? Here is how to leave it as a leader or member in

Shouldering the burden of the future, you and other survivors were the last hope of humanity against the vicious zombies. Or that is what it seemed like before you met others like you and went on an expedition with them. The Clan feature which was introduced about six months ago, went through some changes over the past few months. They have now become a crucial part of your progress, often giving some great items on ranking higher.

You can collect points, spend them on the shop, create, join, and even leave to become part of a more advantageous group. Since there is a limit on how many members a Clan can have, those seats wouldn’t stay vacant for long. If you wish to switch groups but can’t find a way to remove yourself from it, then here are the steps you should follow to leave a Clan in

How to Leave a Clan in

Leave a Clan in
Image Credit: Phineas on YouTube

Unlike the leader, you can leave a Clan anytime you want. However, remember there is a 12-hour cooldown period before you can join the new one. It is best to stay in contact with the leader or vice-leader of the new team so that they keep your seat empty till then.

  • Open your game or go to the Battle page.
  • On the right corner, you will see a Clan option.
  • Now tap on the structure that has a Clan board on it.
  • Next, look for your ID and tap on it.
  • You will see the Leave Clan option at the bottom.
  • Press it and confirm to exit from the group.

How to Leave a Clan When You Are a Leader Leave a Clan as Leader
Image Credit: EPV Gaming on YouTube

Every game has some inactive and highly active groups. Sometimes, the leader leaves, and you being the top member, somehow end up leading the team. Now, that is not very pleasing when you prefer to stay as a member or are planning to exit it yourself. If this happens, there are two things you can do.

  • First, go to the Clan. Tap on Manage from the bottom right.
  • Make someone else a leader and become a member. Afterward, tap on your name from the list and use Leave Clan to exit from it.
  • Second, tap on your name from the Clan list and use Disband Clan. You will see this option when you are the only member.

Once you have left the Clan, you can access the list of new ones from the right-corner option of the battle page in If this was interesting, and you are looking for more topics from this roguelike game, check out our dedicated section.