League Of Kingdoms: How To Earn Money?

Collect all your resources and purchase lands to earn real-world money in League Of Kingdom.

League Of Kingdoms is a play-to-earn MMO strategy game that helps you earn money in the game. It’s a blockchain game that runs on the NFT strategy. The game was previously available only for PC but now its mobile version is out and there are many players looking for ways to get their hands on the NFT strategy.

If you are new in the world of blockchain games and want to understand the mechanic’s range get some money then look no further as we have got you covered! Read the article till the end to learn all the ways to earn money in League of Kingdoms.

League Of Kingdoms: How To Play And Earn Money?

There are two ways to earn money in League Of Kingdoms. You can either own land and get revenue from it or you can gather resources and sell them to earn real-world money.

1. By Collecting Resources And Selling Them On OpenSea

League Of Kingdoms earn money

  • There are a total of five resources (Corn, Lumbar, Stones, Gold, Crystals) in League Of Kingdoms that you can mine in and outside your kingdom. Resources can also be obtained as rewards by completing the daily or weekly quests and events.
  • Build Farm, Quarry, Barrack, Lumbar Camp, Gold Mines in your kingdom and upgrade them from time to time to get maximum resources in lesser time.
  • Level up, gather enough resources and head to the NFT tab by clicking on the profile icon to sell and earn money.
  • Once you get there select the number of resources that you want to sell and trade them on the OpenSea account.
  • Do not forget to connect to your marketplace before you go for this process to make it quick and easy!

2. By Owning Land

League Of Kingdoms earn money

  • The land is an NFT property in the game that players can own and get money from. All the players who own the land get 10% of the total game revenue that comes from overall in-game purchases and land sales.
  • You can own a piece of land or get it converted into tokens and later sell it to earn money. Once you own a land click on your profile icon and head to the land tab next to it. Here you will see the list of lands that you own, with dev points, DAI points, and all the information about it.
  • Here you get two options, to sell the land or contribute it to the game to get more shares in the revenue from the game. Buy as many lands as you can to earn money in League Of Kingdoms.

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