Where Is The Last Present In Fortnite?

There are currently 14 Winterfest gifts present in the Cozy Lodge

The winter festivities are drawing to a close in Fornite. Winterfest is in its last lap as the event ends on January 6. Players received a lot of rewards during the event like the Polar Peely Skin, the Sentinel Glider, the Bombastic Winterfest Spray, and much more. However, there is one last present left in Winterfest before the Fortnite event wraps up for good. Or that is what it appears to be. There are currently 14 Winterfest gifts present in the Cozy Lodge. The catch is that players have opened all 14 gifts and still see one last present left in the Fortnite Lodge. This is displayed in the tab with the number of presents. Players are understandably confused by this as there are no more gifts left. So, where is the last present in Fortnite?

Fortnite Last Present 1

Last Present In Fortnite

With all the gifts accounted for, players are wondering what the last Fornite gift is. Theories have been running wild with players expecting a grand surprise to wrap up the event. However, the reality might be a bit disappointing. It seems like there actually are no more presents for now. There is no last present in Fortnite Lodge as of now. This news was confirmed through Fortnite News in a tweet. The tweet read, “Already opened all your presents but still see one extra present left to open? Sit tight, we’re working on that.”

Fortnite Last Present

Sadly, this seems to confirm that there is no last present in the Fortnite Lodge. The last present seems to be a technical error rather than an actual gift for now. However, Epic Games might decide to reward players for their patience and go out with a bang. We will just have to find out if the last present will actually be given or brushed off as an error. Only time can answer that one.

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