All The Registration Rewards In Konosuba Fantastic Days And How To Get Them

New players who register after 19th august will get registration rewards in Konosuba Fantastic days, here's the list of rewards as well

Konosuba Fantastic days is a new RPG game that features all the popular characters from the world of Konosuba. The character from the Konosuba universe already have a big fanbase and this game combines that with RPG fans. Konosuba Fantastic days was out in some regions but now the game has been released worldwide. The developers have some rewards for the new players. Here are all the registration rewards in Konosuba Fantastic Days and how to get them.

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How To Get The Registration Rewards In Konosuba Fantastic Days

Konosuba Fantastic days will have one common server across the globe. Many players who enrolled for the beta phase or the regions where Fantastic days was made available before the global release might get a head start when compared to others. To fix this issue the developers decided to give rewards to all the new accounts. To get the reward all you have to log in to the game and click on the events button. In the events menu select the “launch celebration bonus” to get all the registration rewards.

Eligibility To Get Konosuba Fantastic Days Registration Rewards

The only eligibility is the account needs to be made after the global release of the game that is 19th august. The registration rewards are for new players to help them compete with the players who have a head start and claimed the pre-registration rewards.

List Of All The Registration Rewards In Konosuba Fantastic Days

Here is the complete list of all the Registration rewards you can get in Konosuba Fantastic Days



Eris 400,000
Skip Ticket 150
Large Power Potion 100
Stir-Fried Cabbage 10
Moderate Upgrade Stone 20
Minor Upgrade Stone 10
Fried Giant Toad 10
Smoke Lizard Burger 10
Stamina Beef 50
Quartz Free 2900
Arena Medals 500


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