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How To Find & Pilot Jackal Fighter Jet In COD Mobile (2022)

Here's a pilot's guide for you, go through it and start flying the Jackal Fighter Jet.

In the new Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6 update, the developers have introduced a new Jackal Fighter Jet. This Jackal jet will be fully under your control, so tighten your seat belts, we’re about to take off. However, as a downside, only a few lucky players will be able to experience the thrill. That’s because developers have only placed a few of them on the maps. If you also want to get your hand on the new Jackal fighter jet in COD Mobile, then here’s how you can find it and use it.

How To Find The Jackal in Call Of Duty Mobile? (2022)

Pilot Jackal Call of duty Mobile

Before we start discussing how you can pilot the Jackal in COD Mobile, let’s see where you can find one.

  • In order to find a Jackal fighter jet, you’ll need to Enter a Battle Royale match.
  • After you joined a match you’ll see the new Jet icon on the map.
  • Just make your way to the fighter jet and you’ll be good to go.

However if you’ve successfully managed to find a Jackal fighter jet, then let’s see how you can use/pilot it.

How To Pilot Jackal Fighter Jet?

Flying the Jackal Fighter Jet in Call Of Duty Mobile is not difficult as it seems. The difficult part is how you use it. Let’s look into the pilot controls and see how you can make full use of them.

  • Automatic Cannon: As we all know, there is a handful of Jackals available in the match, so it means you can get in a fight anytime soon. Automatic Cannon allows you to fire explosive rounds, which are enough to take your enemies down.
  • Missiles: Missiles allow you to shoot down other pilots and also enemies on the ground. However as a downside, it has a brief cooldown period, so remember to use it wisely.
  • Accelerator: If you don’t want to crash and die for no reason, then you better push the gas. The more you press it, the faster the Jackal jet goes.
  • Flares: If the defeat is inevitable, then you better use the Flare. It helps you to escape from other Jackal’s missile attacks. However, they’re available for limited uses and should be only used when necessary.
  • Brakes: For a safe landing you will first have to slow down your speed, then press the Brakes slowly. And voila you’re on the ground safe & sound.

These are all the Jackal fighter jet controls that you should know about. Just go through them and you’ll be able to use the Jackal in COD Mobile easily. Now you and one of your buddies can easily rule the sky in the game. If you want more Call Of Duty Mobile tips & tricks, then it’s just one tap away.