It Takes Two – How To Disable Split Screen?

Find out if it is possible to disable the It Takes Two Split Screen feature.

Is there a method by which you can disable the Split Screen feature in It Takes Two? The entire game is based around a multiplayer experience that is supposed to increase the bond between the two playable characters. However, while playing the game, watching two POVs at one time can be a bit disorienting. So, is it possible to remove the dual screens from the game? Scroll down and find out more!

How to Disable It Takes Two Split Screen feature?

It Takes Two Disable Split Screen - Remove Dual Screen Feature

No, you cannot turn off Split Screen in the game. This is because of the way the game has been built and developed. So, if you are wondering why this is the case, I’ll explain further. This means that I have to dive a bit into the story of the game. Potential Spoilers ahead!

The main theme of the game is that you are a couple who have fallen out in the real world and are now stuck in a game. So, you have to play together in a way that causes you to bond and brings you closer again. And this is why you can’t disable the Split Screen feature for It Takes Two.

The game wants you to see what the other player is doing, hence the need for the Dual Screen. You will only be able to plan and make your next move depending on what your partner does in the game. This makes it pretty important for the game to have a split-screen feature. However, if you are playing online and one person has a bad network connection, it can ruin the overall experience.

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