Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Is Operation Motherland Free? ANSWERED

Here's everything you need to know about Operation Motherland mode.

Ever since Ubisoft made an announcement to launch a new mode called ‘Operation Motherland’ in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, fans across the world are wondering whether it will be free or paid. The reason why a lot of players are asking this question is Operation Motherland has a plethora of new weapons, enemy factions, cosmetic gear, and Russian vehicle skins that players can get via Maria’s Shop.

Besides answering whether Operation Motherland is free or not, we will explain everything about the newly added mode of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Is Operation Motherland Free?

Yes, the newly added mode ‘Operation Motherland’ is completely free for all players. For the unversed, it will be made available in the game on November 2nd, 2021.

The announcement of introducing Operation Motherland mode has players excited as it will bring the much-loved gameplay feature: Optical Camo to the game. Besides this feature, there are plenty of things that fans will witness that they have not seen before in the game.

Guns/Weapons Coming In Operation Motherland Mode

There are a bunch of new weapons that players will be able to use in Operation Motherland mode. If you don’t what these guns or weapons are then keep reading this post.

Here are all new guns that will be added in Operation Motherland mode:

  • M110
  • The ACR
  • The SR-1

About Operation Motherland

The upcoming mode is set a few months after the event of Operation Greenstone. It is led by none other than Karen Bowman, who is an old friend of Ghosts. Once you and your squad complete the regional mission on Auroa, the Island will turn into a strategic place for powerful countries looking to get their hands on its technology. Looking at the scenario, the CIA will take the help of Karen Bowman to diffuse this global upcoming crisis.

To know more about Operation Motherland, watch the following YouTube video.

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