Why “Is Fortnite Dying” Is One Of The Most Searched Google Queries?

Know why "Is Fortnite Dying" has become one of the most searched Google queries about the game.

Fortnite which once used to be one of the most popular free-to-play Battle Royale games with numerous game modes for every type of game player. Is now being labeled as a dying game for quite some time now. Gamers have been questioning if the game has no more value and will soon be dying or not.

You will be shocked to know that users have been searching if Fornite is a dead game or not. Many debating videos and forum discussions have gained a huge spurt. Players are eager to know and are searching for terms like “Is Fortnite Dying “. This phrase has been trending a lot for quite some time.

People have been filled with the curiosity of known what is gonna be the game’s future. Well, this trend all thanks to speculation of players who have been wondering how long will the game be able to keep up. Gamers have been thinking if the game will be able to last or for how long it will be able to last.

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“Is Fortnite Dying” – Google Trend Search Analysis

It has been seen that some games that have had a huge hype sometime or the other end up dying down. And the speculations and questions by players regarding Fortnite seem to be pointing at the same.  If you get a proper look at the graph you can see that this query was most searched by players in 2020.

You will also notice the fluctuations in the Google Trend search results. At a point, the search volume seems to be going down while in the next few days there is a spike in the search results.

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What Do Players Think About “Is Fortnite Dying” Google Search Query?

Players have been thinking that the game does not feel the same as before. According to them, the game has lost its touch. What more many players believe that the game will soon disappear and no one will remember about it. Many tweets have been going around stating that the game is dying or dead.

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What Does Fortnite Think About This Trend?

It’s quite obvious with players continually bombarding one particular question not only on Google search results but also on social media sites. Fornite had to come forward and say a little about what they think of the game dying. During their Fortnitemares event, they decided to give an answer to their dead game comments. A good attempt by the social media team.

They even posted a video of a popular Youtuber and content creator NickEh30. Where he agrees that Fortnite will keep on getting more popular rather than dying down. Check out the video where he shares his opinion on the game and how it is doing a wonderful job.

We have seen many games dying down but is Fortnite one of them is hard to tell. And since the game has millions of players who have been engaging with teg game continuously it seems unlikely that Fornite will become a dead game. And this all you need to know on why “Is Fortnite Dying” has become one of the most searched Google queries.