How To Fix Login Isuue In Hyper Front ?

Here is a quick guide to fix the login issue in Hyper Front!

Hyper Front is a new hero-based first-person shooter game available for free on Google Play Store and TapTap. It is in its closed beta right now and only available in certain countries that include Thailand, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, and Brazil. As the game is in its closed beta, it is obvious for players to face a few bugs and issues in it. So the players are constantly reporting about them facing the login issue in Hyper Front, and if you are also facing the same issue then here is a guide to fix it.

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Hyper Front: How To Fix The Login Issue?

Hyper Front login issue

As we mentioned earlier the game is in its closed beta right now and the server of the game is only available for the fixed number of players at the moment. So when it reaches the set limit the servers automatically get locked and then people who try to connect to the same server face this issue.

If you are also getting this issue while trying to log in then you can fix it by very simple steps. All you need to do is install a VPN on your device and change the current location of your device to one of the cities that has early access to the game. Eg. Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, or Thailand.  Change the location and try logging in to your Hyper Front account and see if it helps you to fix the error.

If you do not want to download an extra application on your device then you can wait for a little while and try logging in to Hyper Front again! If any of the players back off, there will be space for new entries so keep an eye on the game and try logging in after some time to fix the login issuer in Hyper Front.