How To QuarterBack Slide In Madden 21?

This guide will show you how to perform a QB Slide in Madden 21.

It is pretty easy to perform a Slide in Madden NFL 21 and 22. However, you can perform this move only as one particular player on the field. You will be able to perform this move even if your character is a Wide Receiver or any position other than a QuarterBack. However, it is generally a move performed by the QB of a team to gain more area on the field and to stop a play. So, scroll down and find out how can you do a slide move in the game using your QB.

How to QB Slide in Madden 21?

How To Slide In Madden 21 - Perform QB Slide In NFL

To perform a slide in NFL, you will have to satisfy the following conditions on the field:

  • Make sure you are controlling the QB on the team.
  • Next, you have to see whether the player is past the line of scrimmage. You can move the QB using the right control stick.
  • Now, when the play starts make sure to sprint with the QB.
  • Once you are running, hit the Square/X button on PS/Xbox respectively to perform a slide in Madden 21.
  • This will cause the QB to perform a slide and retain possession rather than fumbling the ball while diving.
  • You will now gain yards and get you closer to the field goal.

To slide with other players you will have to do the following:

  • When your wide receivers, running backs, or tight ends are making a run press both the L and R triggers followed by the Square/X button on PS/Xbox respectively.
  • This will cause them to perform a slide without losing the ball to the defense.

How to slide in NFL 22?

Luckily, the steps for performing a slide in the most recent version of the game remain similar to previous years. This adds a layer of familiarity to the game.

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