Roblox: How To Find & Get Zen Marker In Find The Markers

Having a hard time finding Zen Marker, follow this guide.

Zen Marker is one of the markers that was launched in the Candyland update. To get Zen Marker you first need to find 5 notes and solve the riddle written in them. It is seemingly one of the hardest markers to find. In this guide, we’ll see how you can find and get Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers.

How to Find and Get Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Note 1: Head to Candyland

  • Look for the fountain that has colorful lights on it, now search around the area of that fountain.

Zen Marker First Note Roblox

  • You’ll find your first note which says “the first clue is somewhere it burns, it’s a bit checkered, don’t take risky turns“.

Note 2: Inside School

  • Look for the school, enter it you’ll see an arrow pointing to an assembly line, follow it.
  • Now look for a checkered shape red box, don’t touch those boxes you’ll die, besides those boxes on the wall, you’ll find your next clue.
  • This note says “a powerful god, frozen in time, the clue is held by him, covered in grime.

Note 3: Desert Land

  • Not far from school is desert, it has spinning x, look for it.
  • Once there, look for a pillar placed on a circular platform.
  • Climb it to find your next clue “in a biome the biggest, a hidden lair, maybe there’s something behind that hill over there?

Note 4: Woodland Biome

  • Look for a light skin color house, walk behind that house until you reach its end.
  • You’ll see a fence there, look down that fence you’ll see a ledge, hop on it.
  • It will take you inside the brown soil, where you’ll see a purple-white pillar-like structure.
  • Your note is in there, it says “the height may be frightening, but act quick, be faster than lighting“.

Note 5: Walking on Sky

  • This final note is pretty high, you first need to find that house we saw during note 4.
  • Now climb on top of that house, and reach for the chimney and climb on top of it.
  • Jump up from there, you’ll see half transparent boxes, keep on climbing it until you reach the sky.
  • Keep walking until you see a yellow tower, climb down from it.
  • You’ll find your note on the way down, it says “your prize lays in quite a cozy place, after you find it, head to the fountain face to face

You have got all your notes, now look for the pe Olde Shop with pool, besides that shop you’ll see a brown house with stairs reaching to the top floor.
Climb those stairs and head inside the house. Climb another set of stairs, it will take you to the kitchen. Beside the oven you’ll see a coin stuck on the walk, claim it.
Head back to the fountain, and throw a coin inside it, your Zen Marker will appear on top of that fountain, claim it.

This is all needed to find and get the Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers. If you found this helpful do check out another article what does afk means.