How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Here is a Guide to Change the random Tick Speed in Minecraft!

Tick Speed is basically one cycle of games algorithm. So the size of an item or the speed of the liquid flowing in Minecraft depends on the tick speed you choose in the game. There is a range of tick speed in Minecraft. Here is a stepwise guide to change the random tick speed in Minecraft.

How To Adjust Tick Speed In Minecraft?

How to change random tick speed in Minecraft?

As I mentioned the size of the items in the game and the speed of liquid flowing depends on the set tick speed in Minecraft. For Example, If you plant sugarcane and it takes 3 mins to grow usually it takes only just 3 seconds if you set the tick speed at 1000.

Here is how you can change the random tick speed in Minecraft.

1) Launch Minecraft on your PC.

2) Open the chatbox by clicking on or by pressing the “T” key on the keyboard.

3) Type the desired command to change the Random Tick Speed in Minecraft in the chatbox.

4) Click on ENTER button and adjust your desired Tick speed in the game.

5) You can also do it by changing the Tick Speed from Settings.

There is an option Random Tick Speed at the bottom of the setting menu. Go to that and Change the Tick Speed in Minecraft.

The Default Tick speed in Minecraft is 20 but you can always change it as per your wish. One tick is like one minute in Minecraft. The total hours in one day in the game are also calculated accordingly. If you keep random tick speed 200 then the days will be shorter in the game.

The only demerit of increasing the random tick speed in Minecraft is that the game will update way slower than you expected. So increase or decrease the tick speed keeping everything in mind.

That’s all about how to change the Random Tick speed in Minecraft.