Hooked Inc: How To Catch Seagulls?

Here is a quick guide to catch Seagulls in Hooked Inc!

Hooked Inc is a fishing game that takes players in different seas to have the best virtual fishing experience ever. In this game, players have to travel worldwide through the sea and catch fishes to level up in the game. To make it more interesting for players, developers have also a few twists in the game that ask you to not only catch underwater fishes but also the organisms on the land and air.

The Seagulls in Hooked Inc are beautiful white seabirds with orange beaks that annoy all the seafarers while fishing. These Seagulls can be very annoying when it comes to stealing fishes and mocking fishermen in the game. If you are also annoyed by the Seagulls and want to get rid of them in Hooked Inc then here is a quick guide to catch them!

How To Get Seagulls In Hooked Inc?

Hooked Inc Seagulls

It is pretty simple and easy to catch Seagulls in the game. All you need to get hold of them is an item called Bird Catcher. Bird Catcher is a common item in Hooked Inc that can be upgraded up to level 10. Equip yourself with Bird Catcher in the game and catch as many Seagulls as you can.

Bird Catcher looks like a slingshot and you can not only catch seagulls but can catch any other bird flying over your ship. Get the Bird Catcher and upgrade it by hitting annoying birds and then use it to catch the Seagulls in the game.

On every Seagull that players will catch in Hooked Inc, they will be rewarded with two starts. You can use these stars in the game later to enhance your performance and level up faster in the game.

This is all you need to know about how to catch the Seagulls in the game. For more such guides in different games stick around GamesAdda.in.