Honkai Star Rail Characters Wiki: Voice Actors, Age, Photos & More

Here's everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail characters.

Ever since miHoYo announced to launch its new strategy RPG titled ‘Honkai Star Rail’, fans have been curious to know the characters that they will witness in the game. October 8th, 2021, miHoYo commenced the registration process for Honkai Star Rail closed beta and revealed the name and stories of all HSR characters.

As soon as miHoYo confirmed to launch Honkai Star Rail and opened registration for its closed beta, fans started searching for their names, voice actors, photos, and more. If you are keen to learn everything about Honkai Star Rail characters then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

All Honkai Star Rail Characters List

There are a total of eight characters available in Honkai Star Rail — Himeko, Welt, Danheng, March 7th, Gepard, Seele, Clara, and Asta. This post will keep you updated on everything about all HSR characters. As soon as more characters are added to the game or new information becomes available about any character, we will update this post.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Himeko is a female character in Honkai Star Rail, who is an adventurous scientist. When she was a child, she encountered the Astral Express. When the incident happened, some existence in the Express revealed to her a whole new world outside of her own. After a few years, Himeko repaired the Astral Express and embarked on a journey to the stars but she realized that she will need more companions.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Welt is a male Honkai Star Rail character, who is wise and sophisticated ex Anti-Entropy Sovereign, who inherits the name of the world, Welt. He is the one who has saved Earth from annihilation many times. Once the calamity came to an end, the heavy burden ordained by fate to Welt had been removed for a time and then he became an animation storyboard artist.

Once the conspiracy with St. Fountain concluded, Welt had no option but to go with the initiator of the incident to the other side of the space portal.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Danheng is a cool man who wields a spear called Cloud Piercer. During the Trailblaze journey, he will work as a guard. The reason why he is given the responsibility of this long journey is he has a habit of observing everything that happens during the journey. Unlike other characters, he does not like talking about his past and that could be the reason why he decided to be a part of a companion of the Express.

March 7th

Honkai Star Rail Characters

March 7th is obsessed with her Camera because she always carries it wherever she goes. She was found in a piece of drifting eternal ice and free by none other than the crew of the Astral Express. When she got up, she could not remember a thing about her past, including her name, and then she decided to name herself after the date of Salvation. That’s why her name is March 7th.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Gepard is one of the most important characters in Honkai Star Rail. The reason why he was recruited into the Astral Express crew he was noble captain of the Silvermane Guards. He served at a place called Belobog, where the defense was more challenging than attack. During his guardship, the city lived in peace and continued to do their daily routine without any trouble.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Seele is one of the most beautiful yet strong characters in Honkai Star Rail. Unlike other girls, she does not like to rely on others for her protection. Having grown up in the perilous Underworld of Belobog, she can endure all sorts of adversity.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Clara is a homeless and shy girl, whose only wish is to have a family. Since she does not have a home or family, she had no option left but to join the crew of Astral Express.


Honkai Star Rail Characters

Asta is one of the most talented characters in Honkai Star Rail (HSR). Being a lead researcher of Space Station, Asta has a lot of knowledge regarding Astronomy. When you are embarking on a journey to Star, who could be a better companion than Asta to guide you? Besides her knowledge, she is dedicated to her work and can take the workloads of a dozen people with ease.

Honkai Star Rail Voice Actors List

Those who have already played Honkai Impact 3rd must know there are many Honkai Impact 3rd characters who are making comeback in Honkai Star Rail. One of the most popular Honkai Impact 3rd characters that fans will witness in Honkai Star Rai is Murata Himeko. The characters that miHoYo is bringing back to HSR are —  Murata Himeko, Welt, Bronya Zaychik, Seele Vollerei, and others.

What makes fans most excited about these characters is they will have the same voice actors and names from Honkai Impact 3rd. If you want to know which voice actor or artists will lend their voices to Honkai Star Rail characters then take a look at the following table.

Honkai Star Rail Characters Voice Actors
Himeko Rie Tanaka
Welt Yoshimasa Hosaya
Seele Mai Nakahara
Asta NA
Clara NA
Gepard NA
March 7th NA
Danheng NA

Honkai Star Rail Characters Age

The devs of HSR have not revealed the age of any characters. We tried our best to find out the age of all HSR characters announced so far but we did not get any authentic information on the internet. As soon as the information becomes available, we will surely update this post.

That’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail characters. As soon as more characters are added to Tears of Themis, we will update this post.