Top 30 Best Online Hidden Object Games (November 2022)

Here's the list of best online Hidden Object games to play this year.

Hidden Object Games is a game genre that has been around for the longest time. This is one genre that never gets old as new games keep coming out. Over the past decade, the Hidden Object games list has grown immensely and more online games are also coming out.

Best 7 Online Hidden Object Games – November 2022

7. True Fear: Forsaken Souls

Best Online Hidden Object Games

This is a hidden object click game. The storyline is very well written and the game is also creepy. You come across tons of twists and suspense reveals as you look for your sister in this creepy spot.

You solve puzzles, find items like keys. There are jigsaw puzzles, puzzles to find objects and even solve mysteries. The voice-over in the game is pretty realistic and the gameplay is very long so you can play this game for a long time.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Android, Windows, iOS, Switch, macOS.

6. Dreadful Tales: The Space Between

Best Online Hidden Object Games

A very well-made game is how you could describe this game. When you play the dreadful tales, you will feel that you are actually in the house looking for objects. You can walk around looking for items, pick them up, and even combine items in your inventory. This game is set in a very creepy setting and you will get the full supernatural spooky experience with this.

So if you’re into horror games that have a puzzle theme and finding hidden objects theme, this game is for you.

Available On: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.

5. The Secret Society

Best Online Hidden Object Games

This game will leave your mind boggled as you try to solve the hidden mysteries while trying to solve your uncle’s disappearance. There are over 5500 quests and locations that you can solve in this game.

This Hidden Object game will leave you hooked and want to play it even more while you test your problem-solving skills.

Available On: Android, Windows, iOS

4. Cozy Grove

Best Online Hidden Object Games

This game is a newer indie game that has recently gone viral. The concept of this game is very similar to the famous game Animal Crossing. It’s an adventure game where you get stranded on a colorless island with spirits. You help the spirits with certain tasks and puzzles and that brings color back to the island. You find objects as spirit scouts for lost souls.

This is a very therapeutic game for most people and definitely a life simulation game more than just a hidden objects game.

Available On: PlayStation 4, iOS, Windows, Switch, Xbox

3. Hidden Through Time

Best Online Hidden Object Games

This is another game along the lines of Where’s Waldo? The animation looks hand-drawn and it has a puzzle theme. What sets this game apart and makes it more fun is the concept behind the time. You get to travel through time to different parts of world history to solve the puzzles. You also solve mini puzzles by using cryptic clues related to history. You need to find enough objects to advance to the next level of the game.

What is even amazing is that you can create your own design and upload it as a map through the Hidden Through Time map editor. You can also download other players’ maps and play them for more levels!

Available On: PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Windows, Switch, Xbox One

2. Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Best Online Hidden Object Games

This game is set with a magical theme and has a fairytale-like storyline behind it. It not only includes hidden object games but also includes different puzzles and collectibles. You can even pick between the Normal Mode or Expert Mode.
The game altogether doesn’t have a lot of graphics going on. It uses hand-painted areas in the game with minimal graphics. Even then, the animal graphics in the game are really great!

Available On: PlayStation 4, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS, Xbox One

1. Hidden Folks

Best Online Hidden Object Games

This game was given the best-hidden object game of the year recognition in 2017. It still remains widely played and popular. The goal of the game is to spot hidden individuals in a large animated map. You can click on the map to actually interact with the area and there are a total of 32 areas you can interact with. The standard look of the game is the black and white landscape however if you do not like that, you can pick between two other modes.

This game will remind you of the old Where’s Wally! It will leave you focusing on every pixel of the game to find the objects/individual.

Available On: iOS, PC.

These were the top 7 Hidden Object Games according to us that you can play on various platforms.

Here Are Top 30 Best Online Hidden Object Games

01. Pirates and Treasures
02. Flower Garden 2
03. Hidden Kitchen
04. Famous Paintings
05. Zoo Mysteries
06. Spot the Difference
07. Jungle Mysteries
08. Medieval Castle Hidden Pieces
09. Hidden Library
10. Hidden Spots: Castles
11. Hidden Classroom
12. Numbers in the City
13. Discover Egypt
14. Titanic’s Hidden Mystery
15. European Cities
16. Circus Hidden Numbers
17. New York Hidden Objects
18. Office Hidden Objects
19. Circus Hidden Letters
20. Mysteriez! 2 Daydreaming
21. Little Shop of Treasures 2
22. Garden Secrets
23. Hidden Artifacts
24. Hidden Remains
25. Super thief
26. A day in the Museum
27. Christmas Mysteries
28. ABC Mysteriez!
29. Hidden Toys
30. Enchanted Garden

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